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Loups-Garous anime is out!

In Japan, this past Saturday, the anime of the novel Loups-Garous was released in theaters! I’m sure it’ll take, uh, minutes for it to be pirated, but if you want to play fair, why not check out the book first? Then when you do see the anime legally one of these days, you can sniff and act all superior and say, “Oh, the book was better.”

Please enjoy the trailer:

Incidentally, I just found a review of Loups-Garous in, of all places, that internal bulletin of the international ruling class, The Financial Times. It’s actually a very interesting look at several works of SF in translation available in the UK, as all our titles are. It reads, in part:

Kyogoku meditates on a society so fixated on homogeneity and surveillance that there is scant room for freedom of self-expression any more. In a sterile, anodyne urban landscape, the generation gap yawns wider than ever; old and young seethe with mutual mistrust and antagonism. The loups-garous of the title – French for “werewolves” – are wayward youths, shapeshifting from respectful obedience to untamed, psychotic ferality, breaking free from societal constraints. As such, they reflect Kyogoku’s fascination with yokai, traditional Japanese fables. In this novel and his earlier The Summer of the Ubume, he’s exploring how folkloric monsters such as ghosts and werewolves might manifest in a rational, superstition-free era.

Now that’s some reviewin’!

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So everyone is asking me if I’ve read this new book Mockingjay yet. My friend Geoffrey even forwarded me this photo from a midnight release party:

Those are red velvet cupcakes! My favorite! And so, about this book…I can’t say I’ve read it, but apparently it’s the final book of a series. The books take place in a dystopian future where schoolchildren are forced to battle until there is one survivor, and one year the survivor manages not only to win the game but goes on foment rebellion against the oppressive system…hmm.

You know something?

I think I have read that book already!

Oh yeah, that does ring a bell.

I’m sure this series is great fun and I hope everyone enjoys the final installment. The books certainly must have something going on to rate midnight release parties and awesome cupcakes too. I hope customers weren’t too pushy to get the books though—a crowded bookstore event can turn into a real battle royale!


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Good news

We sort of knew about this already, but it’s been confirmed now. From today’s Variety:

Warner Bros. has tapped Doug Liman to direct time-travel actioner “All You Need Is Kill,” produced by 3 Arts Entertainment.

The studio’s been developing “All You Need Is Kill,” based on the 2004 Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, since April when it bought Dante Harper’s adaptation. Producers are Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally and Jason Hoffs with Hidemi Fukuhara exec producing.

Hey, I know two of those guys! Now that the director news is confirmed, we can expect other information to hit over the coming months: who will star, etc. if only Keanu Reeves was fifteen years younger…that’s what the copyeditor in the cubicle next to mine keeps saying, anyway! Anyway, you best pick up a copy of All You Need Is KILL so to better follow along with the wild ride to come. Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s follow-up Slum Online is worth checking out too!

In non-Haikasoru news, the nominees for the World Fantasy Awards have been announced and I am thrilled to see that the motion picture Ponyo has been nominated for the Special Award category! I edited The Art of Ponyo and will be at the World Fantasy Convention this October. I hope to bring home a statue for Mr. Miyazaki!

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How to Install Facetime for PC Windows 10/8.1/7

This specific information will show you how to obtain Facetime for PC Windows 10 using Bluestacks so that you can make 100 % free phone calls to your buddies via your personal laptop computer or computer. Facetime is videos clip contacting app by The apple company, enabling customers to connect to family and buddies via one-on-one phone calls. Operated by functions that include quick-sync of connections, an overview of past call, HD movie contacting, the great widescreen part ration, and more, this app is indeed an owner. The app obtainable on your Ms windows PC if you stay careful of the following requirements. There’s a lot of reasons to love The apple company and its much-envied impressive requirements. And, facetime for pc windows 10 is one of them. It’s Apple’s exclusive movie texting brand, enabling both movie and sound phone calls between iOS gadgets and MAC.

It isn’t just popular for iOS customers, but also of those, coming from the Android operating system and Ms windows and desire its high-quality movie talk feel. After all, FaceTime on your PC is directly the best for what it does. That raises a real question – Is Facetime Available for Ms windows PCs? Let’s examine that out.

How To Download Facetime for PC?

The only way to set up facetime on a Ms windows laptop computer or computer is via Bluestacks. So, here are the actions to obtain 100 % free Facetime on Ms windows pc.

  • Step 1 – Download and Install Bluestacks from Here.
  • Step 2 – Download the APK computer file from here.
  • Step 3 – Dual Simply simply click it and Set it up on your PC.
  • Step 4 – Follow the training and you should be able to set up Face time without any bugs.

Facetime is an awesome program. Everybody wants to get this unique app and run it on their own mobile phones and laptop computers.

FaceTime For PC: Do Emulators like BlueStacks Really Works?

FaceTiming on PC would have been really awesome. But, speaks of installing it on a PC via BlueStacks or any other emulator are nothing more than a charade. Don’t allow yourself to fall easily into that snare.

Please understand that emulators, like BlueStacks and iPadian, are real poor performers when it comes to using FaceTime on Ms windows and there’s only a small portion of a chance of you being successful at that. In fact, you’ll end up with an extremely slowly and cart system, because emulators are storage-hogging program and can really harm the health and durability of your PC.

So, the summary is – you can’t obtain FaceTime on Ms windows PC at the point of composing. Better, look for other movie contacting services available for Ms windows. We’ve protected a few in the next area. Take a look.

How To Get Facetime For Windows?

FacetimFacetimewindows is one of the many applications designed for movie telephone systems. But is not just another app. Being belonging to How do I Video Call on my Android? company Inc is sure to be a certification of how awesome and appealing this app is. But for the technology iconoclast, we know it can be hard to take an app at its face value. So, here is a list of incredible functions the app is here to offer you. One more thing we would like to clear is that you can also obtain Face time for PC try out edition but we don’t verify if it would work or not.

Getting Face time app to play on Ms windows is just as easy. There have been tries to fashion Face time app into a PC suitable try out, and several designers on the internet have tried making their own editions (though most of these are limited to private on the internet boards and intended to be examined by other designers, hence not available to the public at large). But you can ranking a few of these web based, though with important looking around. Check speakers of Stumbleupon you find relevant. Many of these editions can be found as Exe information appropriate for Ms windows, or be made to run on Ms windows otherwise, using various emulator program.

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