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Battle Royale limited edition

Thought some of you might want to know about Arrow Films’ special limited edition DVD and Blu-Ray of the film Battle Royale. It’s a three-disc set with a lot of extras, one of them we had a bit to do with—a 3000-word excerpt of the novel. I’ve been looking forward to the DVD ever since Arrow approached us for the text, and hope they send me a presentation copy!

Check the link for the details of the special features!

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Look what just came in!

The Ouroboros Wave is the hardest of hard SF and Dragon Sword and Wind Child is a very famous fantasy. We figure that given the upcoming holiday season, you might want to choice as to what to buy for your loved ones, or for yourself if you get one of those bookstore gift certificates. These two books pretty much represent opposite ends of the spectrum of speculative fiction, and stay tuned for 2011, when we fill in the blank spaces with a wonderful diversity of books for you!

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Subtle Hints!

And now, two very oblique hints about the identity of two of the books you’ll be seeing from us in 2011! You can guess, of course, but I’ll neither confirm nor deny until the time is right.



(I chose this cover version because the original video is not safe for work.)

Happy guessing!

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Ubukata Hits America!

We hope some of you were able to make it to last weekend’s New York Anime Festival, which featured the world premiere of the anime based on Mardock Scramble—novelist and screenwriter Tow Ubukata was in the house!

Ubukata chatted with fans, signed autographs, and held a press conference on Sunday—Toonzone did pretty well with a Q/A:

Q: What do you find most appealing about the science fiction genre?

TOW UBUKATA: The main appeal is the relationship between the human and society, and when you introduce technology like time machines in it, how does that change society. You can tell a story on two different levels, you can tell a drama of the person and the drama of the society, and the story of the person and the society.

Definitely click on that link for more—there are none of those “spoilers” that so bedevil Internet people in the interview, so enjoy!

I personally haven’t seen the anime yet—which is subtitled The First Compression and is based on only the first third of the book we’ll be releasing in January (so ha ha, I know how it ends and you don’t!)—but I will be watching tomorrow at a lunchtime showing here in the High Castle. In the meantime, here’s a new cut of the trailer, which you can actually watch at work without embarrassment.

We’re all quite excited that Mardock is joining our line-up!

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