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Everything’s Coming Up Harmony

Harmony has received another accolade—this time making critic Adam Roberts’ best ten SF novels of 2010—the list is explicitly international and unusual, and we’re quite happy!

In the old days of publishing, back before inventory was considered nothing but a burden and the midlist an evil to be destroyed, an editor could work to slowly build up a book’s reputation. It might take months to find the right reviewers, the proper bookstore buyer, the best way to get some media attention for the title, but it could happen. Then came the miseries of the 1980s and 1990s—we had more books than ever to choose from, but good luck keeping them on the shelves for more than ninety days, or in print for more than a year or two. If a book wasn’t a hit, it was toast. Plenty more where that came from, after all, and tons of authors suffered.

These later days of the Internet do seem to be changing the game once again. Ebooks don’t involve inventory, and online booksellers can keep millions of titles more or less active, even if the brick and mortar stores run out of or return their titles. And word travels so fast—one good review can excite dozens of other people to not just read a book, but then blog about it, Tweet it, or tell their friends in a dozen different countries. And months after initial release, a book can find new life, as Harmony is doing.

So please, if you happen to like one of our books, hit the Internet and tell the world. You never know who might be listening…

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How to Make a Yogurt Cake? Tips for Making a Good Yogurt Cake

You want to prepare a yogurt cake for your children but you do not know how to proceed? Are you hesitating between the different yogurt cake recipes you have found and are you afraid of planting? Discover the best and easiest yogurt cake recipes in this article!

Many people love yogurt cake, especially children, but the homemade yoghurt cake has nothing to do with the one you buy outside. Indeed, Online cake delivery Hyderabad sellers always tend to change the number of different ingredients according to their price, they reduce the quantities of the most expensive ingredients and replace them with other ingredients that cost less to make a maximum of profits, but this has a direct impact on taste, but also on the health of the consumer. In addition, to be able to store and sell these cakes for as long as possible, these sellers use preservatives to increase the life of cakes and even if these preservatives are not directly dangerous to health,

Be aware that buying ready-made yoghurt cake will cost you a lot more than if you prepare it yourself at home, in addition to its poor quality. Why would you choose to buy some while you can easily make it at home and in the quantity you want?

Certainly, many people do not know how to prepare a yogurt cake or are just not cooking too much. If this is your case, this article is for you. We will show you the easiest way to make yoghurt cake at home by spending the least amount of money possible.

How to Make a homemade yogurt cake?

Making a yoghurt cake is not complicated, even children are able to make it. In fact, some schools even teach elementary school students how to make yoghurt cake at home, which in a way allows them to practice what they study at school and it gives them immense pleasure. Plus, the ingredients your yoghurt cake requires are everyday ingredients that you surely already have at home so you will not even have to go to the supermarket to buy them. Thus, for a sufficient amount for about six people, you will need the following ingredients:

A pot of yoghurt, preferably not flavored.
Of flour.
Of eggs .
Baking powder
Regarding utensils, you will only need a large container, spatula or whisk, mold and oven. The preparation time of this yogurt cake should not exceed 45 minutes if you do not do something else in parallel.

What are the steps to make a good yoghurt cake?

Of course, having a list of ingredients is not enough to make a cake, you have to know how to mix them and the order of them. So, to make a good yoghurt cake, simply follow these steps:

In a container, pour the yoghurt pot and then fill twice the same jar of sugar and add it to your yoghurt.
Break 3 eggs and add them to yoghurt and mix with your spatula.
Add to the mixture a teaspoon of vanilla then fill your pot of yogurt with flour 3 times and pour it into the mixture. Add half a sachet of baking powder and a pinch of salt and mix everything together.
Now add two to three tablespoons of oil and continue mixing.
Light your oven and let it heat up. Meanwhile, put some butter in your mold and pour the mixture into it and put it in the oven for about thirty minutes.
Once cooked, let your cake cool and then unmold.

Mardock Scramble is ready to eat…uh, read!

With all the excitement around the award nomination for Harmony, I nearly forgot to mention that Mardock Scramble hits bookstore shelves today. It looks like this:

Go get one! Hell, go get five!

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HARMONY nominated for the Philip K. Dick award!

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Harmony by Project Itoh. First it got a great review by io9.com on New Year’s Eve, and thanks to a million people having gotten Kindles and iPads for Christmas a week before became an ebook hit! Then io9.com named Harmony one of its best books of the year. And io9.com is not alone in its appreciation—Harmony was also just nominated for the Philip K. Dick award! Here is the list of nominees:

YARN by Jon Armstrong (Night Shade Books)
CHILL by Elizabeth Bear (Ballantine Books/Spectra)
THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS by Alden Bell (Henry Holt & Co.)
SONG OF SCARABAEUS by Sara Creasy (Eos)
HARMONY by Project Itoh, translated by Alexander O. Smith (Haikasoru)
STATE OF DECAY by James Knapp (Roc)

It’s great to see some other independent presses on the list, and we’re especially happy given the nature of the award, which is for the best paperback original science fiction title of the year. Poor Philip K. Dick wrote tons of books, nearly all of which were paperback originals or paperback only (he miiiight have had a book club title or two) back in the days when paperback originals were basically considered disposable junk.

Of course, today Dick is widely appreciated by fans, critics, and Hollywood, and by us…what is “Haikasoru” after all but a Nipponized pronunciation of the words “High Castle”? As in The Man in the High Castle. As in that PKD book about the Japanese taking over San Francisco and the western United States. As in, you know, us!

So we’re thrilled. See you science fiction fans in Seattle at Norwescon 34 and congratulations to the other nominees!

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