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A Week of Links!

It’s been quite, eh? Over at the Haikasoru Week and lots of fun was to be had.

The brand new Tow Ubukata novelette “Two Hundred Below”, a Mardock Scramble adventure, went live on Tuesday.

Wednesday saw this neat and insightful review of both Rocket Girls and Rocket Girls: The Last Planet.

And on Thursday, we had a short essay on Japanese science fiction by me.

Oh, and speaking of me, and speaking of the end of the week, the World SF Blog also encouraged Beatrice.com’s Ron Hogan to publish my interview with Cathy Hirano and Jim Hubbert. Ms. Hirano translated Dragon Sword and Wind Child and the forthcoming Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince for us, and Mr. Hubbert has been quite busy: he translated The Lord of the Sands of Time, The Next Continent, and The Ouroboros Wave for us. Gotta catch ’em all!

Haikasoru Week at the World SF Blog

Every week is Haikasoru week at this blog, but this week it’s Haikasoru Week at the World SF Blog. Already up is an interview with me, plus we’ll be offering a brand-new Mardock Scramble novelette called “Two Hundred Below” right on the site, giving away copies of Harmony, and more! So get your bookmark clickin’ finger ready, and be sure to check out the World SF Blog every day this week!


Well, here are our winners for the Rocket Girls: The Last Planet giveaway contest! And they are…

Liz H. for her vision of a post-patriarchy anarchy in space! What can I say, I like words that end in -archy.

Sean O. for promising to launch Justin Beiber into space! Thanks, Sean.

Adonisus, for his interest in that classic SFnal trope, space-mining!

And finally, Marc M. for his GUNDAM reference.

Thanks so much! I’ll contact you all soon!

Rocket Girls Redux!

Rocket Girls: The Last Planet is out now! In stores! Like a real book! The disaster of last week delayed our contest, but if you want a free copy you can still enter till this Friday…and if you want to spend money, well, go right ahead!

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