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PK Dick Award Report

We had a lot of fun at Norwescon 34 this week. As representatives of the Philip K. Dick Award-nominated Harmony, we appeared on panels, were treated to a banquet along with lifetime members of the convention, and participated in the ceremony, which was very nice. There were brownies!

I have to say that for a while I was fairly confident that Harmony would not win, but I thought we had a fair shot at the Special Citation prize. After dinner, however, which Masumi and I spent at the same table with awards administrator Gordon Van Gelder (publisher of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) we were sure that we had lost. Mr. Van Gelder has an excellent poker face—no winking, no smiling, no subtle hints…nothing!

At the ceremony, there was a display of all the covers of the nominated titles. Here’s the one for Harmony, along with the actual physical citation it won:

Then the authors or their representatives all read from the work. We split duties—Masumi read a passage in Japanese, and I in English.

Then came the announcement of the winners:

Project Itoh’s father, Shin’icihi Itoh, had sent us some remarks, which we were thrilled to share. Here’s the acceptance speech in English, as translated by our co-worker Andy Nakatani. (In the video above, you can hear Masumi reading it in Japanese.)

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to you all for honoring my son’s work with such a prestigious award. Although his was a short life, and he was a published author for only just over a year of it, I believe it was the encouragement and support he received from so many countless number of people that allowed him to continue to write as he battled against his illness.

When I first read Harmony, it was hard for me to come face to face with the difficulties my son had in trying to find peace with himself. He was fully aware of how short his life would be, and he desperately fought off the uncertainty that is death. I skimmed through his words until I came to the end, where he wrote in the Acknowledgments, “With thanks to my parents, and uncle and aunt, who were there for me in my time of need.” After which, I put the book down. Through his struggle against death, I believe he came to sense something amiss in this uncertain modern society of ours, and he wanted to convey some kind of hope to people. If he received this award on such a basis, I think Satoshi would be very happy. Thank you so much.

We’d also like to congratulate the winner of the PK Dick Award, Mark Hodder, who won for his Burton & Swinburne in The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack.

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A Hugo for Haikasoru?

It has been a very good weekend for Haikasoru. We’ll have a full report tomorrow, but for now we’d just like to let you all know that Haikasoru editor Nick Mamatas–well, that’s me–has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Editor, Long Form.

We’re over the moon! The future IS Japanese! See you all in Reno when the awards are given out…

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Wi-Fi Router Security Tips – What are the Ways to Secure Wi-Fi Network?

Wi-Fi or remote system is the main passage point for the programmers to get into the remote system of your home without footing inside your building. Since a remote system is more open to these spies contrasted with a wired system, it is important that you be more determined by the security of your Wi-Fi Router. In any case, there is a whole other world to the security of the Wi-Fi Router 1921681-1 than essentially setting up a solid watchword to the system. Devoting brief period in taking in the Wi-Fi Router Security Tips can upgrade the safety efforts and go long path in ensuring the Wi-Fi system of your home.

Wi-Fi Router Security Tips and Best Practices:

The following are few Wi-Fi Router Security Tips that will enhance the security of the home remote system.

Changing Default Admin Username and Password:

Essentially, the Wi-Fi home systems are fundamentally a broadband switch or remote access point. These switches accompany the installed web server or page that empowers the clients to enter the system deliver to get to the record data. These pages are secured with a login screen which will incite for a username and secret word that lone the approved clients will know and can roll out improvements to the system. These switches accompany default administrator username and watchword that you have to change after the setup of the switch for upgrading its security. It is one of the Wi-Fi Router Security Tips

Switch On the Network Encryption:

The greater part of the home remote switches bolster a particular kind of encryption. This encryption innovation jars the messages that are sent over the remote system with the goal that it can’t be perused by people. A portion of the encryption advancements that are accessible with present day Wi-Fi Routers incorporate WPA2 and WPA. Along these lines, you have to pick the correct encryption that is good with the remote system you are utilizing. Turning it on will keep the unapproved clients from get to your Wi-Fi switch and web as it will just work when the Wi-Fi gadgets on the system coordinate a similar encryption settings.

Changing the Default SSID:

Wi-Fi Routers and Access Points all make utilization of system name called Service Set Identifier or SSID. The producers really set default SSID for every one of their switches. At the point when the gatecrashers see any switch with default SSID, at that point think of it as an ineffectively designed system and this is a welcome for assaulting your Wi-Fi switch for getting to the web. In this way, guarantee changing the default SSID in a flash after you arrange the remote security on the system.

Empowering the MAC Address Filtering:

Every Wi-Fi switch accompanies an extraordinary identifier which is called as Physical Address or Media Access Control address. The switches and the entrance focuses continue following the Mac Addresses of all the associated gadgets. The switches additionally give its approved clients to enter in the Mac locations of their Wi-Fi Router, which will keep the system to just permit those associations from chose gadgets. This will add another level of security to your Wi-Fi switch. In any case, you should be sufficiently watchful as there are programming programs accessible that permit making counterfeit Mac deliver to enable programmers to get to the home Wi-Fi Router.

Utilize Built-in Firewall and Security Software:

The vast majority of the cutting edge Wi-Fi router password accompany an inherent system firewall, yet this alternative is handicapped as a matter of course. Along these lines, you have to guarantee that the switch’s firewall alternative is empowered. For included security of the switch, you should introduce extra security programming for every gadget associated with it. Introducing and running numerous layers of assurance and security application is pointless excess, yet having the unsecured gadget or switch is more hazardous. In this way, guarantee introducing extra security programming and turn on the implicit firewall.

Impair SSID Broadcast:

In all Wi-Fi organizing, the entrance point or the switch tends to communicate their SSID name over the air at customary interim. This is the component that is useful yet just for portable hotspots and organizations where Wi-Fi customers tangle wanders all through range. Be that as it may, for Home Wi-Fi switch this component isn’t fundamental and thus it must be impaired. Empowering this element in the switch will welcome the programmers to attempt login to your home Wi-Fi organize. Along these lines, keep this element impaired unless the circumstance requests.

Winner! (of Special Citation)

A picture is worth 1000 words:

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