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Visitors from afar!

Look who came for short visit!

Why it’s Japanese SF writer EnJoeToh and fantasist Seia Tanabe. It was a fun visit and interesting meeting of the minds. I thrilled them with my description of the state of American short science fiction. (When working for an SF magazine, I’d send rejection letters out on Christmas Day!)

Speaking of…will we see these writers in a Haikasoru project? Well, maybe a little one.

Yes, these are hints as to a future project!

Good Luck, Yukikaze is in the house!

Well well, look what came in today’s mail!

Why yes, it’s our advance copies of Good Luck, Yukikaze!

Will there be a give-away contest when the rest of the copies come in? Yes, yes there will be. I hope you all like it!


The boy was smiling.

Toto understood instantly. He wasn’t hiding from whatever it was everyone else had been looking at—he was playing hide-and-seek. Whatever happened to the people in this city had happened so quickly, he hadn’t even had time to realize that he was about to die.

Reluctantly, Toto admitted what he had known for some time already. This city was no grand work of sculpture. This was the reason why the mountains in the north were forbidden. This was the curse of the Castle in the Mist.

The master in the castle was capable of dooming an entire walled city in the space of a breath.

This was what Ico had seen. This was what he meant by “trouble”, why he was so determined to sacrifice himself for the village.

MIRROR SWORD AND SHADOW PRINCE printing error erratum.

A sharp-eyed reader spotted a printing error on some copies of pp. 311-312 of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince. Page 311 ends with the word There and then p. 312 begins with the orphaned line whatever happens.”

Here’s what you missed, in bold!

“I know. But some sacrifice must be paid if I’m to become the bearer.” There was no trace of fear in her voice. “Give me the Misumaru, please. I’ll accept whatever happens.”

Sorry about that. We’ll fix the error. Also, I’ll go report for my flogging now.

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