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Mardock Scramble anime licensed!

According to Anime News Network, Sentai Filmworks will be licensing the Mardock Scramble anime series, one presumes for North American DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Speaking of the anime, here’s the trailer for the second film—or middle-third of the novel—The Second Compression. It is not safe to view at work, unless you have my job. (Cartoon boobs and whatnot.)

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Here we are, with our winners of the GOOD LUCK, YUKIKAZE giveaway!

Nice&toasty for being in the air cadets, but quitting because of sore feet. (Gosh, shouldn’t you have flown everywhere?)

Drax wins one for simply demanding “Where’s my book?!”

Zampalior wins for his flatter as regards All You Need Is KILL

and last, but not least, Jeff for his remarks regarding military SF as a sort of fantasy.

There you are! I’ll contact you all via email for your mailing addresses.

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Viagra won’t advertise on NFL games, signaling softening ad market where to buy viagra This doctor won’t prescribe Addyi, the “female Viagra.” Here’s why.

It’s time for the GOOD LUCK, YUKIKAZE giveaway contest!

I walked in to the office this morning to find these waiting for me:

So it’s time to give some away! We’ve been playing essay contest for a while, so I am sure you all know the drill. Just leave some sort of interesting response to the following topic in the comments and then on Friday at noon, Pacific time, I’ll declare four winners. Here’s the topic:

The military has been a major theme in science fiction almost from its inception as a genre. What fuels the fascination with future war, and where does military SF succeed and fail in dealing with the theme. Is too much mil SF just “milporn”, or should the hippies just stop complaining for once?

Let me hear what you think, and you might just win a free copy of Good Luck, Yukikaze!

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