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And the winners are…

And the winners of our giveaway contest for The Cage of Zeus giveaway contest are:

Prezzey, for referencing Yay Genderform!

Mx S., for the shout-out to Baudrillard!

Rachel S., for writing a weird little short story for her comment!

And Ignatz, for acknowledging that we humans are all glorious buffoons! Who can argue with that? Not I, said the fly…

Anyway, thanks for all who entered and if you didn’t win, try again next time!

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The Cage of Zeus giveaway contest!

it’s that time again-a new book means a new essay contest. This time we’re giving away four copies of The Cage of Zeus by Sayuri Ueda.

Not only is this book Haikasoru’s first proper science fiction novel by a woman author, it deals with issues of gender and identity. (There’s also plenty of action and terrorism, incidentally.) In the future, scientists have genetically engineered a new subspecies called Rounds—for “round-trip gender.” These people have the sex organs of both genders and can simultaneously impregnate and be inseminated during intercourse. Not surprisingly, some people object to the very existence of such beings.

So, here’s this week’s essay question: what is the future of gender? Is gender static, or does it shift naturally? Can it, and should it, be manipulated purposefully for scientific or social ends? Let us know in 100 words or less…or more if you are truly inspired. Inspire us, and you win a free copy of The Cage of Zeus! We take entries in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, or Greek, and will be pleased to ship a prize book anywhere in the world, as we are all about world SF! (And off-world SF, but that’s another story.) You have till noon, US Pacific time on Friday to get your entries in! Thanks in advance for playing!

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Ebook Celebration

We’re pleased to announce that All You Need Is KILL by Hiroshi Sakurazaka is now available as an ebook for Kindle and Apple’s ibookstore! How pleased are we? So pleased that we’ve lowered the price of Sakurazaka’s Slum Online‘s ebook editions to $3.99 for the next couple of weeks, to get you extra disaffected youth in a high-tech world pleasure at a low low high-tech ebook price!

Kindle, $3.99

Apple Ibookstore, $3.99

By the way, if you like inexpensive ebooks, I’d strongly recommend buying them when they are on sale, as Slum Online is now, to demonstrate that increased sales at a lower price would still be good business sense, nudge nudge wink wink.

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Siddhārtha lay half buried in sand, still as a lump of stone. His tri-D antenna opened slightly, shedding a tiny stream of dust.

He could sense his enemy nearby—everywhere, it seemed.

No—there he was, not more than a hundred meters away, moving from left to right across Siddhārtha’s field of vision.

I wonder what he’s up to?

He resisted the temptation to fully extend his antenna. In the quiet that now reigned, even the slightest movement could draw attention from a considerable distance. The release of kinetic energy was one of the easiest to detect. It would be far too dangerous to reveal himself; the last attack had proved beyond the shadow of a doubt his enemy’s hideous strength.

So what is he doing?

Unable to restrain his desire to know, he let his antenna push another ten centimeters above the top of the sand.

Unthinkingly, Siddhārtha tensed every muscle in his body.

A thousand meters ahead of where his enemy slowly made his way across the flats was his destination—a small black shadow atop a dune. Asura.

Jesus of Nazareth was moving slowly, leaving footprints in the sand. The flames and explosions had singed his already tan skin to such a brownness that he threatened to disappear into the desert landscape altogether.

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