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Two neat reviews of THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT

Our latest hardcover, the magical realist epic The Navidad Incident: The Downfall of Matías Guili got a couple of positive reviews in the leading trade journals, Library Journal and Publishers Weekly:

LJ says, in part (second item):

Verdict: Ikezawa, who won the prestigious Tanizaki Jun’ichiro Prize for this title, pushes the boundaries of storytelling and gives us a new vision of magical realism, merging the surreal with real-world dirty politics and humor. This mysterious and suggestive novel will attract readers who enjoy fantastical and surreal fiction.

Publishers Weekly writes:

Despite ghosts, mysterious disappearances, and magical priestesses, the book is as much a leisurely commentary on post-colonial dictatorships as it is a work of magical realism. Readers are treated to rambling digressions on topics like the importance of buses in Navidadian life or Guili’s past history and love life. Still, Ikezawa’s newest (after A Burden of Flowers) has its own strange, meandering charm, giving readers a glimpse into the legacy of colonization from a Japanese perspective.

For the curious, both these magazines review books for librarians and book-buyers (that is, bookstore staff charged with selection which books make it to the shelves). So, if your local bookstore or library doesn’t have The Navidad Incident yet, it likely soon will! And you can always ask for it!

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Speaking of “rant”, ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is not a comic!

Well, the All You Need Is KILL movie continues to putter along, with Emily Blunt joining the cast to play the Full Metal Bitch.

And again, many “news” outlets are calling All You Need Is KILL a comic book. As you all know, if you’re reading this blog, it is a novel. That is, a work of prose fiction, without illustrations. (There are a handful of illustrations in the Japanese original, as is typical of light novels.) One example can be found here at Screen Rant: Tom Cruise has two big sci-fi/action graphic novel adaptations to appear in…

And the author gets corrected in the comment section, but still doesn’t get it. Here is the exchange, captured as a screencap for posterity:

For those who cannot see images easily, the exchange reads:

All you need is kill is not a comicbook its a novel , a very good SCI-FI / Military Japanese novel .

And the response:

It is more a genuine graphic novel than a traditional manga/Japanese comic book, you are correct.

I went ahead and changed that bit accordingly.

Oh brother!

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Snake is coming!

Metal Gear Solid translator Nathan Collins was in Japan recently, and look who tried to sneak up behind him while he was goofing around at retro video game store called Super Potato in Akihabara, Tokyo:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

On no, it’s Solid Snake!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Don’t worry, in a plot twist worth of the video games, Nate and Snake are actually working together:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The results of their collaboration, Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots, will be out in June! It’s at the printer now!

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His chest felt like it was being crushed. Blinking, breathing, every act of simply staying alive brought an avalanche of pain cascading upon him. He felt like his thoughts and awareness, and everything that made up his consciousness, were completely shut off from himself. He had only made it a single step forward, and from there, he could no longer move.

Snake’s very steps told the story. So, this is how it is. My end has come.

Old age has brought an end to my tired life.

Is this as far as I go? Is this really it?

Snake struggled to retain his consciousness. He fought against the crumbling world with everything he had. At the edges of his awareness, the other soldiers shared in the agony. They were all around him, some convulsing on the ground, others frothing at the mouth, a few shitting themselves uncontrollably, and on and on.

Snake looked for Meryl’s squad. Ed, Jonathan, and Meryl had collapsed with their hands clutched at their heads. Only Akiba seemed unaffected, helplessly watching his comrades suffer.

Snake gritted his teeth. “It’s not over. I can’t fall here. Not yet,” he told himself. “I cannot leave my fate, my curse, to Meryl and Sunny’s generation. After I finish what I must, then I will happily die. But not now. I still must fight.”

With a voiceless roar, he lifted his Operator and stumbled into the courtyard. He pushed his way through the throngs of writhing and flailing soldiers. He fought against waves of overwhelming nausea. With saliva streaming from his mouth, he closed in on Liquid.


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