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Greylancer Winners!

Wow, it’s a great week for Noble V: Greylancer. Lots of new people trying out contest (which we run for every new title we release). So, without further ado, the winners:

First up, Tammy F, who writes that Vampire Hunter D is a “counselor, psychologist, match-maker, doctor, provider, and of course guardian. He is all these but what he’s mostly remembered for is what Kikuchi-san describes him as – ‘a beautiful angel of death.'” I hope she likes Greylancer as much!

Next we have David S, who was inspired to read despite dyslexia by D and Kikuchi-sensei. Clearly he deserves a free book!

I also enjoyed the response by Mubin, who tells the story of how he wasn’t allowed to watch horror films, but cartoons were okay. I wonder if parents still fall for that trick!

Finally, because I love a smartass, we have Richard, who writes simply It’s everything Vampire Hunter C was, and more!

If you didn’t win, check back soon. We’ll be giving away copies of Catherynne Valente’s collection The Melancholy of Mechagirl!

It’s the Noble V: Greylancer Giveaway Contest

It’s that time again, specifically time for another one of our giveaway contests! This month, we’re giving away four copies of Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Noble V: Greylancer. As the title suggests, Greylancer is a Noble—Kikuchi’s term for vampire, and this novel is set in the same world as the cult classic Vampire Hunter D.

So, the essay question this time is simple: What’s so great about Vampire Hunter D? You can talk about the film, the books, the games—whatever it is that made you a fan of D and the setting. Post a brief essay (say, fifty words or more) or a poem, or a joke, or whatever you want, in the comments of this entry. We’ll approve them every day (we got lots of spam) and on Friday at noon we’ll choose the best. Feel free to write in English, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, or German, and we ship anywhere. The most entertaining, or thoughtful, or weird comments win. So let’s get started!

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We’ve gotten some good news recently! Of course, as you may remember, “Mono No Aware” by Ken Liu from The Future Is Japanese is a Hugo Award nominee.

Like a box of Crackerjack box, there are prizes inside! Literary prizes!

But we have more award news! We were especially thrilled last week when Project Itoh’s novella “The Indifference Engine” was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award—this being the first time one of the Japanese originals in the book was lauded with a nomination.

Several of our stories (all from English-language authors) were on the Locus Magazine recommended reading list and today we are pleased to announce that both Ken Liu’s story and the anthology itself are Locus Award finalists!

So that’s a Hugo, two Loci, and a Shirley Jackson. What are you waiting for? The future awaits! Buy the book!

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