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EDGE OF TOMORROW trailer is here!

The trailer for the 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow is live!

Edge of Tomorrow is, of course, the film version of All You Need Is Kill! It looks pretty good, and it hits screens June 6, 2014!

Of course it doesn’t look like the book. We might call this “based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka…” or “inspired by…” or even “thematically adjacent to…” but over here we’re very pleased, not the least of which because the trailer and the film represent six months of commercials for the book. So, if you liked All You Need Is Kill, tell your friends about it when the movie comes up in conversation, or gets linked to on social media.

And if you’re eager for a visual experience somewhat closer to the plot of All You Need Is Kill, check out what just hit the copy editor’s desk:


All You Need Is Kill: The Graphic Novel is coming in May!

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