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Phantasm Japan Excerpt

From “Those Who Hunt Monster Hunters” by Tim Pratt

The following was found posted in the profile section of user AmericanRonin48 on a popular online dating site. The user is no longer active.

The monster hunter owns several samurai swords and often wears a fedora. He likes to practice with his wooden sword in the backyard—the neighbors complain when he practices shirtless with bare steel—and though he’s never taken a kendo class, he watches a lot of instructional videos on YouTube and believes if tested by a master he’d rank at least fifth dan. He speaks enough Japanese to impress a non-Japanese-speaking date at a sushi restaurant, and loves the films of Kurosawa, the entire Zatoichi series (he sometimes practices with his wooden sword while blindfolded), and classic anime, from before it became popular in the West. He hasn’t mastered the trick of catching a fly with chopsticks yet, but he’s working on it.

His favorite thing in the world is sleeping with Asian girls, or at least it was until he discovered the pleasures of hunting monsters. (more…)

Edge of Tomorrow…it IS today!

Hello everyone, our day is here! Edge of Tomorrow, the film, is out today in the United States. After years of planning, and writing, and casting, and filming, the movie is in theaters all across the country.

And now, friends, it is your turn.

It is your turn to say, perhaps when going to the theater, or maybe on the way out, “Oh, I read All You Need is Kill, the novel Edge of Tomorrow is based on, years ago.

You know, before it was cool.”

You are not nerds! You are the cool ones now! GO FORTH AND CONQUER!

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