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ASURA GIRL winners!

We had a lot of great responses to our latest giveaway. So, who won a copy of the wild thriller Asura Girl?

First winner is Scott for citing extreme horror legend Ed Lee and his infamous Bighead. This is almost like an intervention! Scott, here’s another book for you to read, so you won’t have to read Bighead again!

Next up is Nathan, who read a children’s book about Satanic Ritual Abuse—that is, a book designed to help kids deal with the abuse, which ended up being a weird case of mass cultural hysteria. Very freaky, Nathan!

A couple of people mentioned Welcome to the NHK, but we liked Ken’s. Glad you’re feeling better, Ken!

And finally, Natalya, who reminds us that often the wildest books we read are the ones we read as tiny children.

Thanks everyone who entered, and try us again next time. Also, on Twitter, the @VizMedia account is running its own Asura Girl sweepstakes using the hashtag #wildreads—no skill needed there, just name the wildest book you’ve ever read and you have a random chance of winning!

It’s the ASURA GIRL giveaway contest!

Asura Girl by Otaro Maijo comes out tomorrow, and this week we’re giving away four copies! Asura Girl is one of the strangest books we’ve ever published—a hyperactive thriller with plenty of sex, violence, and everyone’s favorite thing: typographical trickery. (We took extra time to make sure all the unusual fonts and layouts would show up properly on your Kindles, NOOKs, and iPads.)

This time our essay question is an easy one: what’s the wildest novel you’ve ever read? “Wildest” can mean anything: weirdest, raunchiest, most thrilling, most disturbing, most “out there.” You convince us that the book you name is a wild one! Just leave a comment on this blog post—and make it a good one, we’re looking for quality, not just picking at random—and four lucky winners will get a free copy of Asura Girl! We ship anywhere, will read submissions in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, or Greek, and will accept bad poetry as well. Winners announced Friday afternoon!

Let us know what you think!

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