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The DENDERA giveaway winners!

Some good entries this time around, but who will win our four copies of Dendera? The topic this time around was best or favorite film adaptations of SF/F novels/stories. Let’s see…

Definitely Nicole for her note about I, Robot. It just struck as as a very, uh, brave admission.

Another winner is Leslie, who flattered us with Edge of Tomorrow. Does that kind of pandering really work with us? YES, YES IT DOES!

Ben B gets a nod for his entry about Heinlein adaptations Predestination (which we hadn’t even heard of before now!) and Starship Troopers, a movie which always upsets people. That’s worth a free book!

Finally, Takehaniyasubiko, you are not a “pleb”, you are a winner! Yes, Blade Runner, of course Blade Runner, always Blade Runner.


It’s the DENDERA giveaway contest!

We are soooo excited about our forthcoming novel, Dendera, by Yuya Sato. We have a great cover, a great blurb, and it’s a great and harrowing story about a group of elderly women who had been sent to their deaths and who instead made a life for themselves, only to be confronted by a hungry bear with a supernatural intellect.

Dendera was quite famous in Japan. In fact, it was made into a feature film in 2012:

You may not recognize the actors, but imagine Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep running around in the snow, and you’ll have a sense of the popularity and reputation of the players.

Which brings us to our contest question: what is your favorite film adaptation of a science fiction or fantasy novel? Just write us a little essay (or poem!) in the comments and you may be one of our lucky, and skilled, winners. Our four favorite answers will get a free copy of Dendera. We ship anywhere, so don’t be afraid to play even if you’re outside the US. We also read Japanese, Spanish, Greek, German, and Chinese, so give it a whirl! We’ll announce the winners around noon on Friday the 23rd, so get your little essays in!


Makura Katsuragawa placed her hand over her nose as if to cover up the ravages of frostbite. “You’ve been saved,” she said.

“Saved? What does that mean, saved?” Kayu Saitoh asked.

“Well, this isn’t Paradise, if that’s what you mean.” Makura Katsuragawa grinned. “We’re on the other side. Of the Mountain, that is. The Mountain’s between us and the Village. So the Villagers won’t find us here. It’s a good place. Now isn’t that a comfort?”

Kayu Saitoh had never thought about life outside the Village during the seventy years that she had resided there, so Makura Katsuragawa’s words gave her a new shock. She understood vaguely on a theoretical level that there were places outside of the Village, of course, but the idea that she herself was no longer in the Village was beyond her comprehension, in the same way that she understood that birds could fly but couldn’t imagine flying herself.

“So you Climbed the Mountain too, right, Kayu?” Makura Katsuragawa lowered her face. “I was mighty sorry to see you in the state you were, collapsed in a heap at the top. But everything’s all right now. We dragged you along to Dendera.”

“Den . . . dera?”

“That’s what we call this place. When I was dumped in the Mountain eighteen years ago I was all afeared and cold, the crows were pecking at me, but then the people of Dendera saved me, just like you. Sasaka Yagi and Naki Sokabe and Nokobi Hidaka all Climbed the Mountain that year too, and all of them were rescued as well.”

“This place . . . has been here since before you Climbed the Mountain?” Kayu Saitoh asked. (more…)

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