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THE THOUSAND YEAR BEACH giveaway contest winners!

The Thousand Year Beach is out today! Go buy it…unless you’re one of our four winners! And they are…

Jason, who got sentimental about William Gibson’s Neuromancer!

Jim Rion, who was interested in Tad Williams’s Otherland and its use of the Xhosa language.

Intern Jessica selected John Austin as a winner, perhaps because rather than despite the fact that his answer was just “?” (We get it, the intern wants more challenging assignments.)

Finally, Tatianna, for not just talking about The Matrix, but also The Animatrix!

Thanks everyone for playing, and enjoy your time on The Thousand Year Beach!

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THE THOUSAND YEAR BEACH giveaway contest

We are back, with our latest title, TOBI Hirotaka’s The Thousand Year Beach! A story of a long-abandoned virtual reality environment—think something like a TinyMUD or Second Life, but utterly immersive—facing an invasion from inexplicable outside forces, the book is already getting a bit of a buzz. Subscription box Page Habit has selected The Thousand Year Beach as its June science fiction title and we’re looking to help spread the word further with one of our giveaway contests!

You may know the drill by now: respond to this post with a little essay, anecdote, or poem about your favorite book, comic, film, or videogame that focuses on Virtual Reality. Write it up in English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese, or Greek—we ship anywhere! (But we don’t ready every language, just those listed.) On Friday we’ll pick the four answers we like best and ship out the copies.

Are you ready for some mind-blowing SF that is also a literal “beach book”? Get to commenting!

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