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Doug Liman on All You Need Is KILL

by nickmamatas

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s movie night in America, so that brings to mind All You Need Is KILL, now in development at Warner Bros as a major motion picture. Here’s director Doug Liman on the project:

All You Need is Kill is a project that I’m developing at Warner Brothers. It’s an amazing script. It’s a wholly original piece of writing. It delivers all of the wiz-bang satisfaction of a big Hollywood effects movie, but it does it in a completely original way. You can find truly original pieces of writing, but they’re original because you go, “Who would have even have thought of that?,” or, “Why would anyone ever want to go see that?”

So be sure to pick up the book, so you can scoff at your nerdo friends and say, “Oh, I’ve known about All You Need Is KILL for YEARS!”

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2 Responses to “Doug Liman on All You Need Is KILL”

  1. Marc McKenzie says:

    Nice! Glad to hear about progress on the AYNIK movie…

  2. Eric Searleman says:

    It just occurs to me that you can pronounce the acronym of All You Need Is Kill as “Aye, Nick.” As in: “Yes, Nick Mamatas. You are correct!”

    It could also be read as “Ai, Nick.” As in: “To Sir, with love!”

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