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Hail Britannia!

by nickmamatas

Ever seen one of those old space opera serials? The kind that feature an evil space dictator in flowing robes? And then he bellows, “AHAHAHA! THE WHOLE OF THIS PUNY MUDBALL YOU CALL EARTH BELONGS TO ME NOW!” so loud that the walls of the flimsy set shake and some extra’s tin foil helmet falls off.

Well, that’s how I feel today, thanks to these shots from England. We’ve got Haikasoru sightings in the Waterstone’s at Piccadilly Circus. Yup, our books are all over England and Ireland now too! These snaps come from az screen recorder Junko Sanchez (Sr. International Sales Manager at VIZ) and Sarah Anderson (Retail Development Manager, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)

Here’s a pro-tip: salespeople enjoy being blogged about. And now, on to the pics…

Kill on a shelf
All You Need is KILL right next to Salvatore. Sweet placement. Thank you, alphabet.

Lord on a shelf
Lord of the Sands of Time. Ooh, the books are three for the price of two. Personally, for my third book I think I’d pick up that copy of Evil Evil on the bottom left. I’m sure it’s Good Good too.

smiley people
As it turns out, when you say “Just act natural, I’m trying to take a picture!” in England people stare at the camera and laugh just as they do in America.

We’re not just at Waterstone’s, by the way. Amazon UK has us up top in its SF/F section. Take that, Hugo nominees! (Of which I am one. I kid because I love.)

And now it’s time for tea.

5×5 bill starr

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