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Just To Let You Know: the EDGE OF TOMORROW novel is ALL YOU NEED IS KILL

by nickmamatas

As there seems to be some confusion, despite some pretty clear labeling on the cover and its product page, we thought we’d write a brief note to help everyone understand that the Edge of Tomorrow novel now in bookstores and supermarkets is All You Need Is Kill.

The cover call-out is “Previously Published as All You Need Is Kill.” See? Look!


The author is Hiroshi Sakurazka.

The protagonist is Keiji Kiriya.

The text is identical to the text of the trade paperback published in 2009, except for minor copy corrections.

Edge of Tomorrow is not a novelization of the film. It is not a book written by an American author. It does not feature a character named Billy Cage. You can get edge of tomorrow from the best free movie sites online services.

Edge of Tomorrow is All You Need Is Kill with a temporary cover and title change, so that some fraction of the forty-fifty million people currently being exposed to the commercials for the feature film might now that the movie is based on a novel. As you can imagine, a novelist and a publisher would like more people to be aware of a book.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Responses to “Just To Let You Know: the EDGE OF TOMORROW novel is ALL YOU NEED IS KILL”

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi all,

    Looking forward to seeing the movie, and reading the original material it came from.

    Silly question, are all the books/graphic novels translated into English, I think I must have glossed over that, as the various title descriptions look really good!

  2. Justme says:

    Major William Cage can create like him. And will be a lot of time loops.
    Aliens can restart every day.
    And all will be mixed in a complicated manner.

    When is the sequel?

  3. nickmamatas says:

    The Western graphic novel is English-language original, though of course it is based on the translation of the novel.

    The manga is translated and is running serially in Shonen Jump. In June it’ll be available digitally as a complete set, and in the autumn sometimes it’ll be in paper.

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