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by nickmamatas

Thanks for all the great entries! I like them so much that I actually decided to pick five winners, instead of our usual four! And here they are:

Greg wins, because nothing is spookier than a playful ghostly child.

Coming in next is Kenneth Hite, who tells us a classic little ghost story. And it includes cats, so it is clearly For the Internet.

Then there’s Stephanie F, who certainly deserves something for experiencing real-life night terrors.

Farklebarkle gets a book too, for living in the Witch City of Salem MA, and experiencing some real-life ghosts while there.

And Brandi Weed reminds us of the master of the ghost story, M. R. James, with her comment.

Congratulations to all the winners!


3 Responses to “APPARITIONS winners!”

  1. Saeba says:

    Please release the last book in YUKIKAZE series.

  2. Brent says:

    Has there been any talk of Sakyo Komatsu’s 1966 novel Hateshinaki nagare no hate ni (At the End of the Endless Stream)? It’s supposedly the #2 Greatest Japanese Sci-Fi Novel of All Time and thematically similar to Ten Billiion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights (#1 from that same list). I loved both Ten Billion Days and Komatsu’s Virus, and recommended both to friends who also greatly enjoyed them, and I (and possibly many others) would love the chance to read more epic, sweeping, old-school Japanese sci-fi novels.

  3. nickmamatas says:

    We have talked about Komatsu’s other books. Time will tell!

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