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Battle Royale is….comin’ at ya!

by nickmamatas

And the film is coming in 3D, to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary! Of course, the book is already in 3D.

The 3D rerelease of the film version of Battle Royale opens in Japan on November 20th—check out the official website, which is itself in 3D…if you happen to have red/blue anaglyph glasses anyway.

Even better, Anchor Bay will finally be bringing the film over to the United States. The company also has rights to the 2D version, so for people who don’t like to puke in their own laps when watching a film, that’s good news too.

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One Response to “Battle Royale is….comin’ at ya!”

  1. Yoneda says:

    I can’t bring myself to support the idea of turning old movies intended to be 2D into 3D ones. Black and white movies aren’t colored with digital paint for today’s television or DVD releases either (despite being technically very possible), are they?

    Speaking about old movies, have you ever looked into that “Kaitei Gunkan” novel(s) by Oshikawa Shunro the classic Toho sci-fi movie “Atragon” (and much later some unfinished OVA) was loosely based on? It might not be as high in demand as Tanaka Yoshiki’s “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu” but seems to be critically acclaimed by those few Jule Verne researchers who happen to be able to read Japanese. I for myself enjoyed your translation of Yukikaze from cover to back (well, maybe I didn’t actually enjoy the cheap cover design as much as the rest, sorry) and would surely love to see some more old sci-fi stories from you. Japanese pre-war science fiction like Undersea Warship may be a bit too much to ask for, though. Maybe I’ll just wait for “Teki wa Kaizoku” instead.

    Anyways. Keep going.

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