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School Daze

by nickmamatas

Well, it’s September and here in the US that means it’s back to school for most of our fans. So here’s a little something to send all you wacky kids back to your classes with: a peek at the Italian cover of Battle Royale:

See, I bet you’re all looking forward to school now more than ever. Just remember to face the new year with a clean outfit, fresh school supplies, and a big ol’ smile on your face.

Aw yeah, that’ll do it. Everything will be all right.

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3 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. nickmamatas says:

    Hey there.

    A. Let’s just say things like this:


    don’t show up on the web by accident. 😉

    B. Not on my short list (or my long list), but I’ll Google around a bit to see what it’s about.

  2. Daniel H. says:

    “Sky Crawlers” is about pilots who never age fighting in a war that never ends. The first book (of five so far, I think) was adapted as an anime movie by Mamoru Oshii. The SF aspect isn’t in the front and center; it’s there, but the story is mainly about the characters drifting through their lives — living, eating, fighting, shacking up, dying — all the while consuming vast quantities of alcohol and tobacco.

    Oshii said his movie was intended to speak to the kind of young people who don’t see the point of life, or of the requirements thrust on them by society — the same type who often flee into otaku-dom, hikikomori-dom, freeter-dom and the like. I had a different take on the first book when I read it, but it’s the kind of story that can support multiple interpretations.

    The Oshii movie is *almost* a very faithful adaptation of the book — much of the dialog comes line-for-line from it, but he does make a big change at the end that readers of the original never saw coming. There are several sequels, but I’ve only read the first book.

  3. jayjayzian says:

    Great cover image, definitely an eye-catcher.

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