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Why, just in time for holiday shopping!

by nickmamatas

As long time Haikasorunauts know, we publish two books every other month. Yesterday was our launch day, so this morning I rushed out the local chain bookstore—I’ll be a bit coy and say only that the chain’s name begins with the letter “B”—to see if our new titles were out yet. Happily, they were!

Here’s Brave Story, conveniently placed face-out in the New Science Fiction/Fantasy section.

(Right next to Moorcock too. Sweet!)

And then, down in the front of the store, right when the customers walk in, I found copies of the new edition of Battle Royale: The Novel.

(Sharpies among you may have figured out that for some reason the book was placed in the New Nonfiction section of this particular store, perhaps as an underground guerrilla tactic of some sort. It was hilarious enough to see Battle Royale right next to an edition of President Reagan’s diaries that I didn’t bother alerting a clerk. But do keep an eye out!)

The public has spoken and we have answered! You wanted long, thick books for the holidays, and so we have unleashed two of them, just for you. These titles won’t fit in your stockings, but they will keep you occupied as the long winter nights drag on. Happy reading!

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2 Responses to “Why, just in time for holiday shopping!”

  1. VenomTheEvil says:

    I already have Brave Story at some point I will get Battle Royale at somepoint (I have read the Manga version). I am just waiting for The Book of Heroes and Yukikaze.

  2. Emily says:

    Seems like a Kinokuniya run is in order.

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