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Over at IGN, two guys report on the twenty minutes or so of footage they were shown of Edge of Tomorrow-you know, the All You Need Is Kill movie!

Neat, eh? Spoilers abound, by the way. For Game of Thrones season 7 updates click here to subscribe

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EDGE OF TOMORROW trailer is here!

The trailer for the 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow is live!

Edge of Tomorrow is, of course, the film version of All You Need Is Kill! It looks pretty good, and it hits screens June 6, 2014!

Of course it doesn’t look like the book. We might call this “based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka…” or “inspired by…” or even “thematically adjacent to…” but over here we’re very pleased, not the least of which because the trailer and the film represent six months of commercials for the book. So, if you liked All You Need Is Kill, tell your friends about it when the movie comes up in conversation, or gets linked to on social media.

And if you’re eager for a visual experience somewhat closer to the plot of All You Need Is Kill, check out what just hit the copy editor’s desk:


All You Need Is Kill: The Graphic Novel is coming in May!

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Third Anniversary Giveaway Contest

Three years ago this week, Haikasoru launched with the publication of All You Need Is Kill and The Lord of the Sands of Time. Since then we’ve brought you the best in Japanese science fiction, fantasy, and horror, have experimented with hardcover releases and magical realism, brought you videogame tie-in novels for Ico and Metal Gear Solid and have even won a few awards. Heck, Good Luck, Yukikaze just received second place at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards over the weekend! And with our anthology The Future Is Japanese, we’ve started introducing original content!

To celebrate, we’re doing one of our famed giveaway essay contests! Just write a comment, in the comments section of this post, on the Haikasoru title you’ve enjoyed the most and why you liked it, and you may be among five lucky and talented winners will be able to select any Haikasoru title they want as their prize. (Make the little essay a good one; that’s how we judge the winners! This is not a random chance drawing!) We ship anywhere, and we read English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Chinese. (And if you have all the Haikasoru titles already, I’ll flip you a copy of Genocidal Organ, which nobody has yet. We pick the winners on noon Friday, so get to typin’!


Speaking of “rant”, ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is not a comic!

Well, the All You Need Is KILL movie continues to putter along, with Emily Blunt joining the cast to play the Full Metal Bitch.

And again, many “news” outlets are calling All You Need Is KILL a comic book. As you all know, if you’re reading this blog, it is a novel. That is, a work of prose fiction, without illustrations. (There are a handful of illustrations in the Japanese original, as is typical of light novels.) One example can be found here at Screen Rant: Tom Cruise has two big sci-fi/action graphic novel adaptations to appear in…

And the author gets corrected in the comment section, but still doesn’t get it. Here is the exchange, captured as a screencap for posterity:

For those who cannot see images easily, the exchange reads:

All you need is kill is not a comicbook its a novel , a very good SCI-FI / Military Japanese novel .

And the response:

It is more a genuine graphic novel than a traditional manga/Japanese comic book, you are correct.

I went ahead and changed that bit accordingly.

Oh brother!

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