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Tales of the Matagama come to ebook!

Good news, fantasy fans! Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince by Noriko Ogiwara is finally available as an ebook! The Kindle and iTunes book are live, and NOOK and SONY will be along shortly.

To celebrate, and to make reading easy, we have discounted the ebooks for Dragon Sword and Wind Child. Most e-retailers will have the ebook for $3.99! So get rollin’ on the classic of Japanese heroic fantasy, the Tales of the Matagama!

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A Week of Links!

It’s been quite, eh? Over at the Haikasoru Week and lots of fun was to be had.

The brand new Tow Ubukata novelette “Two Hundred Below”, a Mardock Scramble adventure, went live on Tuesday.

Wednesday saw this neat and insightful review of both Rocket Girls and Rocket Girls: The Last Planet.

And on Thursday, we had a short essay on Japanese science fiction by me.

Oh, and speaking of me, and speaking of the end of the week, the World SF Blog also encouraged Beatrice.com’s Ron Hogan to publish my interview with Cathy Hirano and Jim Hubbert. Ms. Hirano translated Dragon Sword and Wind Child and the forthcoming Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince for us, and Mr. Hubbert has been quite busy: he translated The Lord of the Sands of Time, The Next Continent, and The Ouroboros Wave for us. Gotta catch ’em all!

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And the winners are…

Thank you for all your entries! They were great to read, but here are the ones I liked best.

For SF, the winners of The Ouroboros Wave are:

ジュンジャ (A poem! I had to appreciate that)


GrimJim! (I liked the phrase “epistemic challenges”)

Our winners of Dragon Sword and Wind Child are:

Molly T (for not wanting to “blown out into the yawning, star-filled blackness”-who could blame her!)

and Flory (for her clever defense both SF and fantasy).

I’ll be writing you all in moments to get mailing addresses and thanks again. I’ll do it again in January when Mardock Scramble comes out!

NOTE: I sent email to the email addresses on the comment. If that’s not an email address your normally check, please check it now and write back to me.

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Science Fiction versus Fantasy—The Giveaway Contest!

Here at Haikasoru we love science fiction and fantasy. This month we’re exploring the spectrum of the field by publishing the philosophical hard SF of Jyouji Hayashi’s The Ouroboros Wave and Noriko Ogiwara’s heroic fantasy Dragon Sword and Wind Child. They’ll be out on the sixteenth, but you can get them up to a week early, thanks to our SFF Giveaway Contest!

All you need do is leave an essayish comment on this post of between 25 and 100 words (or thereabouts, we won’t count) on why you prefer SF, or like fantasy better, or like them both equally. Heck, you can even argue that there is no real difference between SF and fantasy. We’ll pick the four we like best—at least one pro-SF piece, one pro-fantasy piece, and if the other arguments appeal to us, we may pick from among them as well. Pro-SFers will win The Ouroboros Wave and fantasy-lovers will win Dragon Sword and Wind Child. Fence-straddlers will get a random choice of the two. If you happen to already have a a copy of one of the previous editions of Dragon Sword, I’ll swap out the prize for the Haikasoru title of your choice.

Haikasoru is all about international speculative fiction, so feel free to play from anywhere! We’ll also accept submission in Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Greek, to name a few of the languages we know around the office. You have all week, and we’ll announce the winners on Friday at noon, Pacific time. Sound good? It’s great! Let’s get to it!

Note: we do moderate comments so it may take a bit for your entry to appear.

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