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It’s time for the GOOD LUCK, YUKIKAZE giveaway contest!

I walked in to the office this morning to find these waiting for me:

So it’s time to give some away! We’ve been playing essay contest for a while, so I am sure you all know the drill. Just leave some sort of interesting response to the following topic in the comments and then on Friday at noon, Pacific time, I’ll declare four winners. Here’s the topic:

The military has been a major theme in science fiction almost from its inception as a genre. What fuels the fascination with future war, and where does military SF succeed and fail in dealing with the theme. Is too much mil SF just “milporn”, or should the hippies just stop complaining for once?

Let me hear what you think, and you might just win a free copy of Good Luck, Yukikaze!

Good Luck, Yukikaze is in the house!

Well well, look what came in today’s mail!

Why yes, it’s our advance copies of Good Luck, Yukikaze!

Will there be a give-away contest when the rest of the copies come in? Yes, yes there will be. I hope you all like it!


“Lieutenant Fukai, you are fighting a useless battle. Do you hear me?”

“This is B-1, I read you loud and clear. Please state your name, rank, and unit attachment.”

“Response confirmed. I lack the type of classification and identification codes which you have asked about. Lieutenant Fukai, please respond if you accept or deny my request.”

“If you’re going to make a request of someone, it’s only common courtesy to make your social position clear to them,” Rei replied, knowing that wasn’t true at all. “Who are you?”

After a short, almost embarrassed silence, it responded.

“By your conceptualization, I am the whole of what you refer to as the JAM.”

“The whole…You mean you’re the JAM themselves? Should I think of you as a voice representing the JAM?”

“I would not object to that judgment. Please issue your response.”

Rei switched off the comm circuit for a moment and called out to Lieutenant Katsuragi.

“Lieutenant, what do you think of what it said? Do you think I can believe this to be a representative of the JAM?”

“Hell if I know. I will say that it sounds unnatural, though. Like somebody is ordering it to say that stuff to you.”

“I agree. Maintain observation of our surroundings.”


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