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Anniversary Giveaway Winners!

Thanks for all the wonderful responses—I loved the in-depth discussions of some of ours books. If you’re not a Haikasoru completist already, I hope you check out some of the contest entries and use the comments as recommendations for further readings. And now, the winners:

Brockton e. for his thoughts on Mardock Scramble. Apparently, we’ve turned him into a gambling addict! Sorry, Brockton.

Alex, for his love of the world-building in Loups-Garous. That book is one of my favorites as well, and I always felt it a bit under-appreciated. So I’m glad he liked it!

Kate C., who is a fan of Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse. Listen to what she says; I’d love to publish more j-horror.

Carrie L. who wants the nation of Navidad to be real. The Navidad Incident is a great book—hardcover magical realism! Impress your friends!

And finally Seth E. for his extensive comments on the process of novelization and Ico: The Castle in the Mist.

Thanks for all your great comments; it was a wonderful well to celebrate our anniversary! Winners, we’ll contact you this afternoon.

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Third Anniversary Giveaway Contest

Three years ago this week, Haikasoru launched with the publication of All You Need Is Kill and The Lord of the Sands of Time. Since then we’ve brought you the best in Japanese science fiction, fantasy, and horror, have experimented with hardcover releases and magical realism, brought you videogame tie-in novels for Ico and Metal Gear Solid and have even won a few awards. Heck, Good Luck, Yukikaze just received second place at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards over the weekend! And with our anthology The Future Is Japanese, we’ve started introducing original content!

To celebrate, we’re doing one of our famed giveaway essay contests! Just write a comment, in the comments section of this post, on the Haikasoru title you’ve enjoyed the most and why you liked it, and you may be among five lucky and talented winners will be able to select any Haikasoru title they want as their prize. (Make the little essay a good one; that’s how we judge the winners! This is not a random chance drawing!) We ship anywhere, and we read English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and Chinese. (And if you have all the Haikasoru titles already, I’ll flip you a copy of Genocidal Organ, which nobody has yet. We pick the winners on noon Friday, so get to typin’!



Not too many responses to this contest, which was a surprise to me since Ico, our last tie-in, had a very popular contest. Is it because you all pre-ordered your copies already? Anyway, the winners!

First up, Benjamin B. for the use of the term man-gasm. I was also intrigued by the idea of having to plug one’s controller into another slot to complete one of the MGS games!

Then, I liked Adonisus, for really capturing the spirit of gameplay: “As the entire game relies on stealth, there is some real tension when an enemy soldier walks right by you, when you’re literally only inches away from his line of sight.”

Then, Daniel B., a fellow soundtrack buff!

And finally, Anson, for his reference to cardboard boxes and childhood. We’ve all been there!

I’ll contact the winners via yahoo mail ( if winner forgot yahoo.com password, they can reset by this link). Thanks everyone, for playing. And one final note: the amazon.com page for Metal Gear Solid has been repaired.

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ICO contest winners announced!

Thanks again for all the great entries to our ICO: Castle in the Mist giveaway! Here are our winners:

JibaraRukyasu for his discussion of the “spiritual vibes” of the game.

Kermit, for pointing out that “[s]imple controls mean the challenge always lies in navigating ICO’s contextual puzzles, rather than being frustrated by difficult button-pressing combinations,” which expressed why I don’t pay many video games at all.

Ben, who summed it up beautifully by saying, “Most games are power fantasies, and the functions assigned to the buttons on the controller reflect that. The buttons are to *accelerate* or *fire* or *jump* or *punch*.

ICO has a button to hold hands.”

And finally, Carrie, who wrote, “each new area brought back a slightly giddy feeling I rarely feel as an adult, the feeling you have when you’ve found a secret, magical place.”

Thanks everyone for playing!

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