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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Vol 10 [Archive]

Excerpt for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Volume 10: Sunset

Winter starlight poured down like a sapphire waterfall on the garden at Imperial Headquarters. When the third year of the New Imperial Calendar was just an hour old, Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm faced a gathering of civilian and military officials in the courtyard at Imperial Headquarters and announced his intention to marry. After a moment of stunned silence, the guests raised their voices in celebration. As Reinhard took the hand of Hildegard “Hilda” von Mariendorf—who, though a woman, held the vital post of chief advisor to Imperial Headquarters—someone shouted out an impassioned cry of “Hoch Kaiserin!

Long live the Kaiserin!

The cry felt crisp and bracing, and half a moment later it  birthed countless followers.

Hoch Kaiserin Hildegard!

Long live Kaiserin Hildegard!

The prospect of Reinhard marrying Hildegard was too natural to inspire much surprise. Rumors had long circulated about their relationship, and not malicious ones.

“A toast to His Majesty and the bride-to-be!”

Glasses clinked together. Laughter spread. The festive mood that filled the garden was further heightened by the revelation that Hilda was expecting a child in early June. New bottles of champagne were uncorked as new songs filled the night air.


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