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Tales of the Matagama come to ebook!

Good news, fantasy fans! Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince by Noriko Ogiwara is finally available as an ebook! The Kindle and iTunes book are live, and NOOK and SONY will be along shortly.

To celebrate, and to make reading easy, we have discounted the ebooks for Dragon Sword and Wind Child. Most e-retailers will have the ebook for $3.99! So get rollin’ on the classic of Japanese heroic fantasy, the Tales of the Matagama!

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MIRROR SWORD AND SHADOW PRINCE printing error erratum.

A sharp-eyed reader spotted a printing error on some copies of pp. 311-312 of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince. Page 311 ends with the word There and then p. 312 begins with the orphaned line whatever happens.”

Here’s what you missed, in bold!

“I know. But some sacrifice must be paid if I’m to become the bearer.” There was no trace of fear in her voice. “Give me the Misumaru, please. I’ll accept whatever happens.”

Sorry about that. We’ll fix the error. Also, I’ll go report for my flogging now.

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Mirror Sword giveaway winners!

And the winners of this week’s Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince giveaway ARE:

SMD for a being in grad school for too long! Good answer too, looking at the political economy of publishing.

Susanna, for reminding me that I am old. So very old.

Notyan. No sir, you are not full of shit, you are full of WIN.

And nice&toasty for being a self-described crackpot, and also mentioning printing presses.

Thanks again for playing, and we’ll be back with another giveaway the second Good Luck, Yukikaze comes back from the printers.

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We’re giving them away!

Well four copies of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince anyway. As many of you may know by now, we run our giveaway contests in essay format. It doesn’t have to be much of an essay—just write a little bit of what you think about this question:

When readers think “fantasy” they often think of stories taking place in a pseudo-medieval Europe. Is this just due to the facts of publishing—that’s what gets labeled fantasy, and it will change with audience tastes—or does it represent a problem by limiting the field of what can be successfully published?

Let us know what you think! The four answers I like best (and I can be pretty whimsical, so feel free to creatively misinterpret the question) will get a free copy of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince. We’ll be reading comments till noon, Pacific Time, May 13th.

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