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The MM9 release day giveaway contest!

Today is release day for MM9 and the first day of our now traditional giveaway contest!

Yes, we usually do the giveaway before the book is released, but I was on vacation for most of last week. On the bright side, the essay is easy this time. MM9 stands for “monster magnitude 9″—think of what newscasts would be like if giant monster attacks were as common as earthquakes or hurricanes. The rating of nine is reserved for the largest of monsters. So, the contest!

What’s your favorite giant monster, and why, in 200 words or less. Be sure to leave your answer as a comment by noon, Pacific time, on Friday. The four answers we like best get a free book. And yes, we ship anywhere!


Takebashi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo: Japan Meteorological Agency HQ—

A jittery reporter on the flatscreen TV was saying, “The child—no, the kaiju with the appearance of a child—just sat down in the Nagara riverside road and is holding a car, pushing it back and forth, playing with it like a toy. Oh! She’s lifted it up now. Oh, that’s really high. There doesn’t appear to be anyone inside, but . . .”

Kurihama fumed. “Enough of her face! Show us below her neck! Below her neck!”

“Chief,” Toshio said soothingly, “you know they can’t. It’s broadcast TV.”

Yuri grumbled, “Really, this doesn’t give us anything.”

Five hours had passed since the kaiju was first sighted, and all the networks had teams of reporters on-site—but all of them broadcast images with a digital mosaic obscuring the girl’s body below her neck. It was self-censorship, each network independently coming to the same conclusion—an uncensored image might have run afoul of child pornography laws. But even so, it was frustrating for the MMD not to have full knowledge of the kaiju they were dealing with.

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