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Two new books! OH MY!

Well, it’s the 21st of September, and you know what that means! Two new Haikasoru titles are on bookstore shelves and in stock at your favorite online retailer, today. Check ’em out:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture-era Mr. Sulu has his copies. Do you have yours?

Just in time for school—Rocket Girls! The latest from Housuke Nojiri, author of Usurper of the Sun, features hard science and teen girls. The series of books is also an anime. See?

I’ve heard the anime described as “The Right Stuff meets Sailor Moon” but I’d call the novel Gossip Girls if the titular girls had brains in their heads and real jobs. Surely, much better heroes for teen girls!

And then we have Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse by our resident “strange one” Otsuichi, just in time for Halloween. (We love timing things properly around here.) This book contains Otsuichi’s debut novella, and an entire other novel in Black Fairy Tale. We were thrilled when ZOO was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award for Best Collection, and we’re hoping that we might get some more nominations this year—we have a novel, a novella, and a novelette in the same book, and together that makes Summer a collection. Dare we sweep the categories? Pick up a copy and see if we have a chance!

The new books are here

Out this month: Harmony

This one I am quite hot about. It’s a social satire about a grim meathook future of universal healthcare and pink tanks. One of those horrific utopias people often confuse with dystopia, and then things get a whole lot worse better worse.

In September:

Ever hear people complain about how there is no SF—not fantasy, but SF for girls—and how are they supposed to want to grow up to be astronauts and engineers and li’l toughies and whatnot? Well, BAM!

Rocket Girls.

And just in time for Halloween…

Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse!

Shirley Jackson-award nominee Otsuichi is back with two (two!) novels in one volume. (Well, one is probably a novella, but in Japan it was a novel!) Bonus novelette as well.

And then in November, for the slide-rule set…

The Ouroboros Wave

Hard SF about a poor little cute’n’innocent black hole and the humans who build a new society around it.

Anyway, check ’em out when you have a chance. We have excerpts and whatnot up. Just use the spinny booky thing up on top of this page.


“Hey, would you just forget about it?” the cop with the cigarette was saying. “We’re done for the day, and everyone’s waiting with the cars. We’re supposed to go out for drinks tonight, you know.”

“Don’t be like that,” the taller one replied. “I mean, that girl…What was her name? Satsuki, right? I know she was probably kidnapped, but…doesn’t something about this area strike you as odd?” He gestured at a section of the forest—right in the direction of my body.

Ken’s mind was racing. What did he see? That ditch should have been completely hidden by the dirt, like just another part of the forest. But the boy’s face remained confident.

“Not particularly, no.”

“Look, see over there? There’s a bunch of markings in the ground, like from cleats. Children’s cleats. Probably ones for playing baseball.”

Ken hadn’t thought of the consequences of wearing cleats to climb down the slope. He kept silent as he listened to the two detectives talk, but his eyes began to work back and forth as if he were measuring something in his mind.

“Yeah, but we’re looking for a girl, right?” the smoking cop said after a drag from his cigarette. “Besides, the mother said she was wearing sandals.”

Disregarding his partner’s lack of interest, the taller man walked over to where I was hidden and stooped down to inspect the dirt.


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