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I get questions, lots and lots of questions. And now I can finally answer, “YES!” to one of them.

“Are your book going to ever be available for the NOOK?”

YES! Here’s Cage of Zeus, for example, and Harmony, and many others are on there. We’re setting up an ebook page with buttons for Kindle, NOOK, SONY eReader, and Apple iBooks which should be up in a day or two, but for now, go to the NOOK store and get to clicking!

(Sadly, a search for “Haikasoru” on the NOOK store doesn’t just spit out all of our titles.)

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And the winners are…

And the winners of our giveaway contest for The Cage of Zeus giveaway contest are:

Prezzey, for referencing Yay Genderform!

Mx S., for the shout-out to Baudrillard!

Rachel S., for writing a weird little short story for her comment!

And Ignatz, for acknowledging that we humans are all glorious buffoons! Who can argue with that? Not I, said the fly…

Anyway, thanks for all who entered and if you didn’t win, try again next time!

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The Cage of Zeus giveaway contest!

it’s that time again-a new book means a new essay contest. This time we’re giving away four copies of The Cage of Zeus by Sayuri Ueda.

Not only is this book Haikasoru’s first proper science fiction novel by a woman author, it deals with issues of gender and identity. (There’s also plenty of action and terrorism, incidentally.) In the future, scientists have genetically engineered a new subspecies called Rounds—for “round-trip gender.” These people have the sex organs of both genders and can simultaneously impregnate and be inseminated during intercourse. Not surprisingly, some people object to the very existence of such beings.

So, here’s this week’s essay question: what is the future of gender? Is gender static, or does it shift naturally? Can it, and should it, be manipulated purposefully for scientific or social ends? Let us know in 100 words or less…or more if you are truly inspired. Inspire us, and you win a free copy of The Cage of Zeus! We take entries in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, or Greek, and will be pleased to ship a prize book anywhere in the world, as we are all about world SF! (And off-world SF, but that’s another story.) You have till noon, US Pacific time on Friday to get your entries in! Thanks in advance for playing!

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Fortia sat before the computer terminal and endured Dan Preda’s barrage of instructions for several moments.

“There’s been an incident in the docking bay. It’s likely the terrorists are behind it. The infirmary and lab were hit as well. I have a feeling the terrorists may have infiltrated the station during the commotion. I want you to keep the access door to the special district secure. Even if someone on the staff requests access, I want you to check with control first.”

“How many of them are there?”

“We don’t know.”

“Just what was the security staff doing?”

“Let’s just say they dropped the ball.”

“Utterly useless,” said Fortia. “We would have fared better if we’d been the ones carrying the guns.”

“What’s done is done. Just stay alert.”

Fortia ended the transmission and went into the next room.

Album was sleeping in the double bed with the covers pulled over eir head.

“Wake up,” said Fortia, patting Album on the cheek several times. “Nap time is over. We have to issue an alert.”


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