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Our wonderful co-worker Scott forwarded us this news story from MSNBC’s Cosmic Log: Japan’s space agency is reportedly teaming up with a fishing net manufacturer to catch and remove debris from Earth orbit, where it poses a threat to spacecraft, astronauts and satellites.

What can we say, except that once again The Next Continent by Issui Ogawa has proven prescient. If you’ve read the book, you know that our Japanese heroine heads up to space to clean up orbital debris in order to encourage traffic toward her lunar base. It’s a real issue too—the hypothetical scenario in which cascades of debris can end space exploration is called Kessler syndrome after the NASA scientist.

Japan’s contemplation of net-lattice technology is neat, but perhaps they should check out Ogawa’s novel and work on creating a “puffball”—a giant collapsible sphere that looks like steel wool that shreds or vaporizes the debris into which it comes in contact. It’s just a big net rolled up into a ball!

For that matter, maybe you should check out Ogawa’s novel, if you want to know what the future will bring. Right on moon water, right on Japan taking the initiative on space debris…what’s the next prediction that The Next Continent will get right?

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Busy Day—New Books, Kindle, and More!

It is a busy day today! First up, our three new books are live on the site and ready for pre-order!

Hitting in November, just in time for the holiday season, we’ve got two new titles. The Ouroboros Wave we’ve been promoting for a while, but we have something else for you all too:

Dragon Sword and Wind Child is coming to paperback! And yes, we will be publishing a subsequent book in this series as well, later this year.

Then in January we have something very very cool:

Mardock Scramble is going to be big, and I don’t just mean because it’s over 500 pages long. The anime for Mardock Scramble—or rather, for the first third of this book (which was published as three volumes in Japan) will have its world premiere in the US on October 8th at New York Comic Con/Anime Fest. It won’t even open in Japan until November 8th. Author Tow Ubukata will be at the con too, so we will be hearing a lot more about the world of Mardock City very soon. For now, please enjoy the trailer (which is not safe for work-well, unless you’re me):

And last but never ever least, Rocket Girls fans rejoice! Coming in March:

The girls are back in deep space, and deep trouble, in Rocket Girls: The Last Planet!

You know you want ’em.

Finally, we made our first Kindle announcement today, and we already have more news: both Slum Online and The Next Continent are both live on Kindle as of this afternoon. So get to downloading!

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Ebooks are HERE!

Popping in from my vacation to share this picture with you!

See that on the lower righthand side? That the iPad link to Harmony. That wonderful book, and The Next Continent and Slum Online are now available for your reading pleasure (and my selling pleasure!) for the various Apple devices.

We should have news for the Kindle and other devices in a couple of months. What are you waiting for Apple fans? CONSUME!

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Ebooks are coming!

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Haikasoru HQ (hidden high atop Mount Pikachu!) is “Are you going to do ebooks?” And now we can say, “Yes, and soon!” Behold, the first three books in our model Apple bookstore:

We’re still working out the actual release date, but it should be within weeks. We’re starting with Harmomy, The Next Continent, and Slum Online for iPads, the more recent iPhone 8s, and whatever other readers or systems Apple uses. Kids, I edit science fiction for a living. I can’t afford these gadgets. My boss showed me her iPad the other day, but I wasn’t allowed to touch it. 🙁

We’ll also soon have news about other formats and other titles as we bring out ebooks. Mostly, it’s just a matter of contracts, but there are some amusing technical challenges. Check out the first page of Harmony:

When the tech person saw this, we got an email asking “On content page – codes appearing in PDF (see attached PDF for ready reference). Please provide the revised PDF for this page or advise.” He thought they were live links, and not just part of the story! When you do get the ebooks though, you can go to our backpage where we advertise our titles and this website, and click directly back to here by tapping your screen.

Anyway, the books look pretty neat, as you can see above. Also, check out the first page for Slum Online:

When we get the exact launch date, I’ll be sure to let you know!


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