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Soon the video began. The picture was noticeably grainy, and it was obviously a cheap flick. As a movie it was barely watchable, but when the girl appeared the gang were glued to their seats.

They watched the girl as she lay still and was used every which way, and the suddenly the room was full of the most unbearable tension.

“Nice fingers she has on her.” Medium was the first to speak once the first scene was over. “Innocent and yet… supple. I’ve wanted a better pinky on my right hand for some time…”

Rare was next to speak. “Magnificent hair. Her skin looks wonderful too. I want her. I want her badly.” His voice was so shrill.

“Want her eyes for my arm. Such sharp and clear pupils. Like an angel,” Mincemeat said. He was breathing heavily. “I’ll say ‘good morning’ to them every day when I wake. Then I’ll kiss those eyelids.”

Cute, aren’t they? came Flesh’s voice over some hidden speakers. A wonderful pair. I’d like them on my inner thighs. I’d give them a little shot of hormones every day, so that they pressed up more and more against my bits…

“Hmm…” Welldone surveyed the rest of the gang, but he too was drawn back into the video when the second man clambered on top of the girl to enter her.

“See here…can we get a close up? That’s it, right there. Now let’s see what she’s like inside. This pussycat might even be good enough to be part of my right hand. I’ve been looking for a scissor sister for my left hand for some time now, she needs her sweet loving…What’s this? I see, I see…”

This was how they all spoke to each other for some time. Admiring their new target and talking in graphic detail about what they wanted to do with her. They were all incredibly excited.

After some time, Welldone turned to Boiled. “When did you say this video was taken?”

“About half a year ago.”

“What do we have on her at the moment?”

“We have footage from the courtroom and photos,” said Boiled. Welldone took out a pile of photos from the case and passed them round.

“Wonderful! So—what is it exactly that you want?” asked Welldone. Boiled didn’t answer, and Welldone looked back at him silently.

“This was the real target all along, wasn’t it? The five doctors were just the test case, and this is the main course. So, what is it that you want with this girl?”

“Nothing. To have the target annihilated completely. Give me the nothingness that’s left after her life has disappeared.”

When Welldone heard these words his face turned into a broad smile. “Thus spake the ultimate fetishist! It looks like in Mr. Boiled we’ve happened across our ideal partner.”

“The time limit is three days. We can’t wait any longer than that. The moment it looks like you’re not going to complete your mission in time, we’ll terminate the contract on the spot.”

“Don’t you worry, Mr Boiled. The pack of hounds that you’ve chosen—Bandersnatch—are the best hunting dogs in the business.” Welldone was now a bundle of pure desire.

Boiled rose from his seat.

When he left the ship he headed straight for the car park without looking back.

The new moon was sharp as a razor, shining down its blue light over the gatehouse.

“Any luck, sir?” It was still the same young security guard on duty. He ran Boiled’s card through the system again. “Anyhow, good luck with the case, sir.”

Boiled nodded in silence.

He set a course for the East Side.


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