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It’s your GENE MAPPER winners!

by nickmamatas

Lots of great choices this time around, but here are the four entries in our Gene Mapper giveaway contest!

First up is Crane! We wouldn’t be a Japanese publisher if we didn’t like austere poetry. We’ll run the whole comment mobdro pc right here for your viewing pleasure:

secrets no
people watching glass
ceaseless eyes : eyes ceaseless
glass watching people
no secrets

We also liked Sarah C’s comment for her shout out to Fujii pal Paolo Pacigalupi here. Gene Mapper‘s vision of the future isn’t all bad, so we hope the book makes you feel better!

Then there is Dr. Phil, who managed to terrify us with a future without backwards compatibility. How would you like to be a 3G phone, forever?

Finally, Chris P. is terrified of the surveillance society, so he clearly needs a paperback since he sure won’t be buying the ebook.

Congrats all!

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