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Good Luck, Yukikaze is in the house!

by nickmamatas

Well well, look what came in today’s mail!

Why yes, it’s our advance copies of Good Luck, Yukikaze!

Will there be a give-away contest when the rest of the copies come in? Yes, yes there will be. I hope you all like it!

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3 Responses to “Good Luck, Yukikaze is in the house!”

  1. Marc McKenzie says:

    At the risk of sounding like an over-excited five year-old….


    Now, any possibility of seeing UNBROKEN ARROW reach these shores….?

  2. Chris Miller says:

    Yay! It exists!

    I’ve had this book on order with RightStuf since December, and after it appeared that the release date was pushed back (TRSI originally indicated a 17 May release), I was wondering if the 19 July date was going to stick, or if the book would keep slipping further and further away from my outstretched hands. ^^;

    I’ll have to reread the first Yukikaze book soon, because I can’t remember what exactly happened in that novel (and I keep forgetting the story from the novel, vs. how much the OVAs covered)

  3. Yukikaze Girl says:

    Gosh Darn, i missed the contest. Not that it stopped me from immediately buying the book when it was Finally available. Words cannot describe how happy I was and am to learn that the second book was available. I must agree with Marc, I really really really really want to read Unbroken arrow. After all, not being able to read Unbroken arrow would be as unthinkable as not reading Return of the King, after reading The Fellowship of the Ring, and The Two Towers. The story would be incomplete.

    Well, thats about all I have to say. You made this majorly Plane obsessed Girl very, very happy. :)))))) Now go make me even happier by publishing Unbroken Arrow.

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