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Haikasoru Week at the World SF Blog

by nickmamatas

Every week is Haikasoru week at this blog, but this week it’s Haikasoru Week at the World SF Blog. Already up is an interview with me, plus we’ll be offering a brand-new Mardock Scramble novelette called “Two Hundred Below” right on the site, giving away copies of Harmony, and more! So get your bookmark clickin’ finger ready, and be sure to check out the World SF Blog every day this week!

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One Response to “Haikasoru Week at the World SF Blog”

  1. DanielH says:

    Interesting interview. Sayuri Ueda mentioned Haikasoru having one(?) of her books in a Japanese interview a few months ago. I’m not familiar with the book you’ve got (I’d been expecting 華竜の宮 / “The Palace of Karyuu”, but based on her collection 魚舟、獣舟 / “Fish-boat, Beast-boat” I can say she’s certainly an interesting writer.

    About book selection, I’m glad you’re making an effort to appeal to SF’s mainstream, and not only to anime/manga fans. I’d hate to see Haikasoru get sucked into some kind of light novel black hole and end up just bringing over moe of the same (that really was a typo, but I decided to let it stand).

    Also, I think it’s very, very good practice to bring out more than one book by the same author in a timely fashion (as you are doing with several of the authors you translate). Only by putting out multiple works can we start talking less about Japanese SF, and more about Ogawa, Miyabe, Nojiri, et al.

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