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The new books are here

by nickmamatas

Out this month: Harmony

This one I am quite hot about. It’s a social satire about a grim meathook future of universal healthcare and pink tanks. One of those horrific utopias people often confuse with dystopia, and then things get a whole lot worse better worse.

In September:

Ever hear people complain about how there is no SF—not fantasy, but SF for girls—and how are they supposed to want to grow up to be astronauts and engineers and li’l toughies and whatnot? Well, BAM!

Rocket Girls.

And just in time for Halloween…

Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse!

Shirley Jackson-award nominee Otsuichi is back with two (two!) novels in one volume. (Well, one is probably a novella, but in Japan it was a novel!) Bonus novelette as well.

And then in November, for the slide-rule set…

The Ouroboros Wave

Hard SF about a poor little cute’n’innocent black hole and the humans who build a new society around it.

Anyway, check ’em out when you have a chance. We have excerpts and whatnot up. Just use the spinny booky thing up on top of this page.

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4 Responses to “The new books are here”

  1. Seth says:

    Really excited about all of these – they all sound fantastic!

    Would love to have ebook editions – is this something you’ll be doing in the future?

  2. nickmamatas says:

    We should have some ebook news pretty soon.

    Good news, even!

  3. Marc McKenzie says:

    I’ve already pre-ordered ROCKET GIRLS (I’ve read about the anime) and THE OUROBORUS WAVE. Looking foward to them.

    A question, Nick…have you folks at HS ever considered picking up Tanaka’s LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES novels? I’ve been a fan of the animated series and the story is the perfect “epic” space opera that might appeal to fans of the Foundation Series or the military SF of Weber and Scharborough…I know it’s a long shot, but then again, I never thought that I would ever read YUKIKAZE in English, or the VAMPIRE HUNTER D novels, for that matter.

  4. nickmamatas says:

    Oh Marc,

    If I had a dime for every time someone asked me about Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I could buy my own starship. Let’s just say, because to say anything else might actually cause problems down the road, that we are well aware of the series and have noticed all the letters we’ve received asking for it!

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