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And now, the LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES giveaway contest winners!

by nickmamatas

We have chosen the winners to the Legend of Galactic Heroes giveaway contest! And they are:

First up is Blu: we had to give a book to one of the people who named LOGH as their favorite series, after all!

Then we have GreyDuck, who named C.J. Cherryh Foreigner series, one of our faves.  (PS: if you like “competence porn”, please also check out our near-future SF thriller Orbital Cloud!)

Metal Abaj goes international with his entry on the eurocomic Valérian et Laureline. We’ve spent so much time explaining that the forthcoming movie isn’t a “rip-off” of The Fifth Element, so we’re pleased to award a fellow fan!

And last but not least, Andres Rodriguez goes classic with the Asimov’s Robot series! Vital stuff.


Check back here soon for our next giveaway. (Hint: vampires!) getanabolics


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One Response to “And now, the LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES giveaway contest winners!”

  1. Metal Abaj says:

    Thank you !
    Something that i want to add about the upcoming Valérian movie and the Fifth Element : You probably know that it’s from the same director. But Besson worked with Jean-Claude Mézières (the artist behind Valérian) while directing The Fifth Element, so that explain why it looks very similar. And again working with him alongside Pierre Christin, (the writer)on the upcoming movie.

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