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Mardock is everywhere!

by nickmamatas

A couple of pics of Mardock Scramble for ya!

Turn your monitor on its side for this one by translator Edwin Hawkes himself:

Right next to Jack Vance, in his local Waterstones over in the United Kingdom!

And here it is in Kinokuniya in Tokyo, in the foreign-language section. Note the yellow-covered Japanese title—it’s a magazine, actually, containing a list of ten must-read mysteries, many of which are also on the display. Also interesting is the call-outs for Orange Prize winning books. (The Orange Prize is awarded to women’s writing.)

Finally, here’s a neat review of Mardock Scramble, which reads, in part, Oefcoque comes across as a mixture of Stuart Little and T-1000 from Terminator 2…and if that wasn’t weird enough, the names of many of the characters are based on wordplays or references to certain recurring themes. Such as eggs.

PS: We had a couple of votes for a Facebook page for Haikasoru. If this interests you leave me a comment. If the demand is high enough, I’ll be sure to make one for you all.

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One Response to “Mardock is everywhere!”

  1. Ignatz Zwakh says:

    A facebook page would be quite nice….

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