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Mardock Scramble is ready to eat…uh, read!

by nickmamatas

With all the excitement around the award nomination for Harmony, I nearly forgot to mention that Mardock Scramble hits bookstore shelves today. It looks like this:

Go get one! Hell, go get five!

curl manubri

10 Responses to “Mardock Scramble is ready to eat…uh, read!”

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ll be happy to buy it as soon as you put it on my Kindle. Hint, hint.

  2. nickmamatas says:

    Stay tuned; it’ll take about a month, but will be available on both Kindle and iPad.

  3. Marc McKenzie says:

    I picked up MARDOCK SCRAMBLE yesterday at the local Barnes and Noble (it was not yet available at the local Borders), and I have to say…

    …It’s BIG! As in, rather thick, which should have been obvious to me since it is all three volumes. I did start reading it and so far, so good.

    To all at Haikasoru (including you, Nick!), thanks again for bringing another fine gem of Japanese SF to the hungry English language masses. Hopefully, the MARDOCK SCRAMBLE anime films will also make it over here as well.

  4. L.S. Ramos says:

    I picked up Mardock Scramble on a whim at my local Kinokuniya and I love it. Not just the story, but the actual translation is so rich and readable. To be honest my concerns about wooden translations have always caused me to hesitate when thinking about picking up books from your imprint, but now I’m sure I can pick up the many, many other interesting books without fear.

    Tangentially, I also want to thank you for publishing Science Fiction. Western Sci-Fi seems to be entirely mired in either subtly anti-science fluff written by people with no scientific understanding or Ph.D’s so surrounded and cloistered by their research and theories that that forget to use their ideas to tell stories.

  5. nickmamatas says:

    Glad you liked it! We were thrilled to find translator Edwin Hawkes, who was actually brought to my attention by none other than Charlie Stross, one of the best newish SF writers. Tell your friends!

  6. Cash says:

    I like my Mardock Scramble….with a side of bacon, maybe a glass of orange juice, toast, and a high five to Edwin.

    Id say more but im at work. “This book was awesome, guys. Thanks HS and thanks Edwin.” Keep up the awesome work, I can’t wait till the next book from all of you. Edwin your translation kept a strong feeling that kept me wanting to read, I finished the book in 3 nights. I loved it. keep up the good work.

    Thanks HS.

  7. Brad L. says:

    Will Mardock Scramble come to Kindle ever? And All You Need is Kill too please.

  8. nickmamatas says:


    We should have Mardock Scramble up on the Kindle in a week or two (maybe three). We’re prepping the file now. All You Need won’t be for the foreseeable future. (We don’t necessarily have the electronic rights to all the books. Might I suggest Slum Online by the same author? It’s on the Kindle as we speak.

  9. Noel says:

    It is interesting the point you make of the different attitude between the Japanese & the West towards books as objets d’art.

  10. Lloyd J. says:

    I Wish… Mardock Scramble is available in the philippines… I guess Philippines is always late about some of the latest books…

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