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Look what came in today’s mail!

by nickmamatas

Why yes, it is the advance copy of Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince! Coming your way next month. Feel free to use this photo as a guide to the size of the old crappy book you’ll need to throw away in order to make room for this one!

We also got our first ever Publishers Weekly review for a Haikasoru title, with this week’s Mirror Sword and Shadow Prince capsule: larmed at the transformation of her childhood friend and at the carnage that follows Oguna, the iron-willed Toko begins a quest that will take her across the empire in search of the pieces of Misumaru neckace, itself the manifestation of godly power. Ogiwara avoids the temptation to write a simple quest story; the representations of divine power are more burdens than gifts, weighing possessors down with obligation and terrible temptations… the review reads in part. Check it out!

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2 Responses to “Look what came in today’s mail!”

  1. Chris Miller says:

    I got the book from Amazon yesterday, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit (after re-reading Dragon Sword and Wind Child in the prior couple of days in order to remember how the world worked). I do have a question about a possible printing error in my copy (all copies?) of the book.

    The last line on page 311 is:

    “I know. But some sacrifice must be paid if I’m to become the bearer.” There

    The first line on page 312 is:

    whatever happens.”

    How much did I miss, since a line of dialogue from one of the characters is ending on pg 312, but didn’t start on 311?

    Thank you!

  2. nickmamatas says:

    Hello! Very sorry for the error. It happens sometimes, and we’ll fix it soon. Here’s the complete paragraph:

    “I know. But some sacrifice must be paid if I’m to become the bearer.” There was no trace of fear in her voice. “Give me the Misumaru, please. I’ll accept whatever happens.”

    Luckily, there wasn’t much missing. Again, apologies.

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