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The MM9 release day giveaway contest!

by nickmamatas

Today is release day for MM9 and the first day of our now traditional giveaway contest!

Yes, we usually do the giveaway before the book is released, but I was on vacation for most of last week. On the bright side, the essay is easy this time. MM9 stands for “monster magnitude 9″—think of what newscasts would be like if giant monster attacks were as common as earthquakes or hurricanes. The rating of nine is reserved for the largest of monsters. So, the contest!

What’s your favorite giant monster, and why, in 200 words or less. Be sure to leave your answer as a comment by noon, Pacific time, on Friday. The four answers we like best get a free book. And yes, we ship anywhere!

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12 Responses to “The MM9 release day giveaway contest!”

  1. tion says:

    My favorite giant monster of all time is King Ghidorah. I like strange/weird/bizzare creatures; to me he is one of the strangest. He reminds me of Orochi (minus 5 other heads), the eight-headed serpent of Japanese folklore. He has the abilities to fly and shoot lazer beams out of his mouth, which I think is pretty awesome. As a child, I use to imagine what it would be like to see Ghidorah (or any dragon) suddenly descend from the sky and terriorize Downtown L.A. Would I run? Try to pet it? Fly on its back? Most likely, I would try to pet him!

    Another reason why I love dragons is because my Japanese/Chinese zodiac sign is a dragon. 2012 is our year!! I think dragons should be celebrated and honored with pride, so ALL HAIL KING GHIDORAH.

  2. aoi_aka says:

    In a world gone mad Edamame Mameshiba attacks the city of Chicago. Its giant pod protects it from the National Guard’s weapons. The president considers using an atomic bomb, but the citizenry and environmental groups oppose that plan.

    Nobody knows why Edamame Mameshiba has grown to such ginormous proportions. Chefs throughout the world offer to slice it and cook it for other starved nations. Small children cry foul and not-fair.

    Edamame Mameshiba thinks it’s all an adventure and continues to sit there, next to Lake Michigan, spouting its nonsensical trivia. Very few people learn something useful even when they’re being terrorized by such a giant green pea.

    There is one solution: more Mameshiba!

    They pop out from nowhere and everywhere. They give Edamame Mameshiba other trivia it doesn’t know and slowly, but surely, it begins to shrink.

    On a clear spring day Edamame Mameshiba is gone leaving behind a big pod-shaped dent along the lake shore and more trivia than you can shake a stick at.

  3. Ignatz Zwakh says:

    Favorite giant monster of all time? Hands down, “The Giant Claw”.
    1950’s Earth finds itself at the mercy of a giant turkey from outer space. Though initially it only threatens airplanes and jet fighters, it moves on to bigger game, knocking over trains and even skyscrapers! Mankind retaliates with it’s most powerful weapons only to discover that the creature sports a sort of anti-matter force-field. It’s origins? It comes from a “..godless, anti-matter universe!”

    The acting is laughable (Featuring such B-movie regulars as Jeff Morrow) the creature is literally a wooden puppet on strings (With the same perpetual bug-eyed expression upon it’s face) and the effects are shameful. Highlights include the first visual introduction of the creature (Done by scientists via satellite photography) and scenes involving a superstitious French Canadian screaming “LA COCANYA!”, confusing the space buzzard for a mythological harpy/man-eater thingy. A must-see for lovers of schlock. Produced by Sam Katzman who also provided us with such “classics” as “The Zombies of Mora-Tau” and “Creature with the Atom Brain”.

  4. Yoyogod says:

    My favorite giant monster has to be Gamera. This is because the Gamera episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are my favorites and inspired some funny songs. Also, Gamera is the friend of all children, so you know he’s a good guy.

  5. Wintermute says:

    Long before Kong, Gamera and Godzilla
    There roamed the creature, a beast; a true killa!

    Murder’s stain proudly flowed through those veins;
    After all, it was a direct descendant of Cains’.

    Size? Enough to comfortably stradle the ancient mead hall’s roof;
    Savagery? Gnawed human skulls and bones, as attested to by Beowulf.

    Many monsters have roamed human lands, sprung loose from hell,
    but only one was the first and they called it, Grendel.

  6. ShaunCG says:

    I vote for Shoggoths, because I like the idea that you can disincorporate them with a hug and a kiss. Oh, and even though he’s no monster – he’s a good chap really – the Calamari Wrestler has to get a shout as well.

    However, on the basis that monsters are cooler the bigger and weirder and more threatening they get, I’m going to vote for the Final Space Monster from Diebuster, because it looks and sounds like an enormous whale, because it could only be contained through the force of a black hole and a solid wall of self-replicating Von Neumann war machines, and because plans for defeating it included “throw the entire Earth at it”. Oh, and because it was ultimately defeated with some kind of power kick. Marvellous.

    Ooh, or Unicron! Poor Orson Welles. He did a good job of giving a planet-sized transformer a sense of gravitas though. Hoorah for planet-eating chaos gods who aren’t at all a rip-off of Galactus.

  7. Daniel H. says:

    My favorite monster is Yargon. Never heard of him? Well, that’s because I used to give names and powers to all the rubber bugs and reptiles I collected when I was a child. I imagined that they were all gigantic, and lived on an island together. I even used to write stories about them. Some of them were good and some were evil. There were factions, betrayals, reversals of fortune, and so on.

    Yargon was a huge green lizard that walked on all fours. When I wrote stories or drew pictures of him, he had a big rhinoceros-like horn coming out of his snout. The rubber lizard I used to represent him didn’t have a horn, but I could imagine that he did. He defeated a dragon named Teranti that attacked a city, and also a giant snake (whose name I’ve sadly forgotten) that could cause earthquakes by biting the ground. One time Yargon even survived being bitten (but just barely)! The snake was finally defeated by being tricked into falling down a bottomless pit (aka: the vent in the floor of my old room, with the cover taken off — the cover was replaced to ensure he never escaped!) Such is the awesomeness of Yargon!

    Was I just copying the Toho films that occasionally aired on Satuday mornings back then? Sure. But my stories were even better, because they didn’t have any boring scenes with scientists in them. In fact, even when Yargon fought in the city, I don’t think there were any human characters at all.

    Who needs ’em? Kids know what they want to see!

  8. Paula D says:

    I think my favourite giant monster of all time is King Kong himself, mostly because he wasn’t really a monster at all. All of the adaptations of his story show the same thing, that he was a wonderful creature, alone and most of all afraid when he was removed from his home. Something about that always stayed with me, it made me think about how I would react if I had everything I knew and cared about ripped away from me. Yes he went on a rampage but only because he was terrified, and the way he tried to hold onto the one person who could be called his friend right up until his death was so touching. He shows how humans aren’t really all that different from the things we label as monsters, and that fear and love affects everyone, in a story that always makes me cry without fail.

  9. Robert Haney says:

    Gamera is my favorite and the reason can be summed up in one short phrase: GIANT JET-POWERED FLYING TURTLE! 🙂

  10. JimR says:

    Well, there’s a pretty wide range of movie monsters to consider in the race for best “Giant Monster,” but if you’ll forgive the nonconformity I’d like to nominate a character limited to a single Manga: The eponymous living planet in Junji Itoh’s “Rimina.”

    It’s the biggest monster ever, several times larger than the earth itself. It’s the most monstrous monster ever, with its noxious-gas covered surface, populated by man-eating tentacles. And not only does its arrival inspire the rise of an apocalyptic, human sacrificing cult, but in the end it pulls the ol’ Galactus routine and devours the earth itself.

    Yep, seems to have all the bases covered.

  11. kurogami says:


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