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Phantasm Japan winners!

by nickmamatas

Thanks for all the great comments on short stories this week. Here are the entries we liked the best. Honestly, I’d like to give everyone a free copy…well, honestly, I’d like to be able to charge you all $100 and keep all the money myself…but anyway, the winners!

First up, Stephen! Most of the poems we get are either senryu or other light verse. But he wrote a real poem. Of course he gets a book!

And then, Larry! He did his own translation work for us! Geez! (Lots of intellectuals entered this contest.)

Our third book goes to Tanya, for her entry on “The Things” by Peter Watts, which is a story we loved as well.

And finally…how can we resist giving a copy to CW, who so cleverly mentioned “Autogenic Dreaming: Interview with the Columns of Clouds” from our last big anthology! We’re not above flattery, you know. Frequently, we’re below it.

That’s it for now. Tune in soon for an Asura Girl giveaway and more news!

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