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The Final Countdown!

by nickmamatas

Yeah yeah, no 3 or 2 over the weekend. It’s not like you guys were at your computers either.

Today is the fortieth anniversary of one of humanity’s greatest achievements: the Apollo 11 moon landing. While, of course a feat of both engineering and political oneupsmanship, the influence of science fiction on the moon landing (and the moon landing’s subsequent influence on SF) cannot be denied.

And tomorrow, we here at Haikasoru have a launch of our own. Finally, our books will be in stores. It would have been very clever of us to have planned this all out, but really it’s just a matter of our distributor happening to ship so that books hit shelves on Tuesdays.

Haikasoru has been a long time in coming. In fact, we can trace the idea to this list of the Top 20 Geek Novels published in the UK Guardian back in 2005. The list was passed around the office just to see how geeky the editors were. Eric Searleman—manga editor and occasional poster here (he’s the guy who doesn’t like Boogiepop, boo! hiss!)—had only read a few of the titles, while our illustrious boss Masumi Washington had read eight of them, including Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle…in Japanese! The editors began chatting about the books, and a couple of folks had also read the English edition of Japan Sinks and an idea was born.

As far as the name Haikasoru, that came a bit later. We’re all big Dickheads out here, and the deliciousness of a book about Japan’s takeover of California was just too much for us to resist. “High Castle” had already been used as an imprint name, so we went with the Japanese pronunciation. Dick himself is also a big deal in Japan. Here’s the cover to a recent Japanese edition of The Man in the High Castle, which we think is pretty swank:

See you all tomorrow in bookstores across America!

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4 Responses to “The Final Countdown!”

  1. Carrie says:

    If I don’t find Lords of the Sands of Time in the Union Square Barnes and Noble tomorrow, I will start a riot.

    It may be a very small riot.

  2. nickmamatas says:

    And if you do find it, snap a pic for us!

  3. Matthew Reeves says:

    Hey guys, Matt’s back again. lol

    Thought you might want to hear a quite funny tale. I was at a used bookstore, and found “All You Need Is Kill” there. lol

    And no…….I don’t mean the Japanese version, hahaha, I mean yours!

    That’s right, before its supposed to have been released, I find a USED and I might add, READ copy of your book, in english, with a July 2009 printing date along with your publishing label on the side, etc.

    I couldn’t stop chuckling. lol

    It was already in a USED bookstore, BEFORE it was released. XD

    Well, I skimmed through it, and although interesting, it wasn’t enough to make me spend money on it, not yet at least. However, I am interested in “Lord of the Sands of Time”, so I will be looking for that one with great interest at Barne’s and Noble.

    In fact, you may wish to make a post about this funny story, to give your readers a bit of a small laugh before the official release. Just an idea. Don’t forget to credit who told the story. lol

    Still, it was just so funny. :p

    I wonder though, was it an advance copy given to a reviewer or something else? 😮

    Also, I might add, that part in the above post about the editor not liking boogiepop, was a very nice save. lol I thought it was a great addition. I’m sure many people will like it.

    -Matthew Reeves

    PS. I’m confused on something. Since your books aren’t light novels, I can’t really write any reviews for them on lightnovel.org because, as I said, their not technically light novels.

    So, um, I’m left with a question. If I did happen to read a book of yours, and wished to review it, where would I do so? Here? lol

    Congratulations to everyone at Haikasoru for their work in helping to expand America’s understanding of Japanese literature! ^_^

  4. nickmamatas says:

    Hey Matthew,

    Yes, the books are printed some time before they are released, so review copies can often end up in a used bookstore right away. The Strand in New York is (in)famous for their massive selection of review copies.

    You can always review the books on lightnovel.org, under a special new heading called HEAVY STUFF, MAN.

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