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Summer, Fireworks, and Fabulous Prizes!

by nickmamatas

We’re pleased to hear that Otsuichi’s Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse has been nominated for the Black Quill Award in the category of “dark genre fiction collection.” (Collections are books of multiple stories by a single author. If it’s multiple authors, those books are generally called anthologies.)

The award is sponsored by Dark Scribe Magazine which publishes essays and reviews about horror fiction. So I guess some horror fans did like Otsuichi’s latest. Incidentally, the winners of the Black Quill are decided by the voting public, so if you read and enjoyed the book perhaps you might want to support it with a click.

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One Response to “Summer, Fireworks, and Fabulous Prizes!”

  1. Corti says:

    I’ve loved Otsuichi ever since I found him in the FAUST anthologies, so I’m definitely gonna vote for him here!

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