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Over at IGN, two guys report on the twenty minutes or so of footage they were shown of Edge of Tomorrow-you know, the All You Need Is Kill movie!

Neat, eh? Spoilers abound, by the way. For Game of Thrones season 7 updates click here to subscribe

Speaking of “rant”, ALL YOU NEED IS KILL is not a comic!

Well, the All You Need Is KILL movie continues to putter along, with Emily Blunt joining the cast to play the Full Metal Bitch.

And again, many “news” outlets are calling All You Need Is KILL a comic book. As you all know, if you’re reading this blog, it is a novel. That is, a work of prose fiction, without illustrations. (There are a handful of illustrations in the Japanese original, as is typical of light novels.) One example can be found here at Screen Rant: Tom Cruise has two big sci-fi/action graphic novel adaptations to appear in…

And the author gets corrected in the comment section, but still doesn’t get it. Here is the exchange, captured as a screencap for posterity:

For those who cannot see images easily, the exchange reads:

All you need is kill is not a comicbook its a novel , a very good SCI-FI / Military Japanese novel .

And the response:

It is more a genuine graphic novel than a traditional manga/Japanese comic book, you are correct.

I went ahead and changed that bit accordingly.

Oh brother!

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