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The RED GIRLS winners!

Thanks for all the entries! We set Intern Jackie to choose the winners, and this is what she had to say!

The RED GIRLS giveaway winners!

By Jackie Gross

We got some lengthier entries this time. Pretty sure some of you are trying to put novels into the comments section. But what fun stories!

Our winners for the four copies of Red Girls:

Teri’s entry was clearly written, creepy, and humorous. I hope I’m never in a position where my coworker tells me it’s “my job to deal with kids and ghosts.” Good on you for reprimanding a pushy ghost, too!

Ken, the ex-ghost hunter, drew us in with Will’s backstory and his descriptions of the gutted cabin. Ken’s entry should serve as ample warning to avoid old buildings that come with a story of a drowned child. I keep imagining the edge of that bathtub and the sloshing water. Eep!

Tom McBride’s umbrella ghost story gave off a more subtle kind of creepiness. On cloudy days, beware a stranger smiling under an umbrella . . . Just how late do ghosts arrive, anyway?

Finally, Andy Hendry, in addition to divulging how teens have (or at least used to have) fun in Wales, warns of a mountain where you should never camp—unless you want to hear giggling ghost children, that is.

Thanks to all for your entries!

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It’s the APPARITIONS giveaway contest!

Halloween is over, but the nights are growing longer and the trees are bare-branched and bony. It’s still ghost season, friends, and you’re in luck! I’ve got four copies of Miyuki Miyabe’s historical ghost story collection Apparitions to give away! See?


Miyabe is already well-known to you, dear readers. We’ve published three of her fantasy novels so far, and her thrillers are also available in English. But Apparitions, a collection of ghost stories about the Edo period and its mercantile system, is different. It’s creepy and it’s kooky. And all you need to do to win a copy is to tell me of your favorite ghost story—a fictional one, something you experienced, a local legend—right here in the comments to this post in about 50-100 words. As always, we also accept senryu and haiku and other poetic forms, as well as entries in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, and German. Then on Friday at around noon, we’ll pick the four we like the best and send out the books. We ship anywhere, so don’t worry about the cost if you live on some other continent.

Let’s get spooky!

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