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Battle Royale Double Duty Winners!

We had Intern Jenny pick our winners this time around, and here is what she had to say!


Ben B. -The series has a tendency to ‘blow some flipping minds.’ The way you came about reading and seeking out the series is unique and you describe the series perfectly.

Leslie -It’s great when you can pick up a series based on curiosity and then enjoy it more than a franchise like the Hunger Games. You also know you’ve found something exceptional when a series can take you by surprise and the characters that ‘become a part of you.’

Melissa -If Battle Royale can be shared amongst the family; you’re doing it right. There might not be princesses and talking cutlery, but Mitsuko is quite the princess that wields cutlery of a different kind. Also, if you can sit together and enjoy an old school, poorly translated VHS than you are true fans.

Jeremy -A poem like this requires a great amount of inspiration. I can tell Battle Royale has influenced you to the point of constructing such a creative poem.

It’s the Double Duty BATTLE ROYALE giveaway contest

In celebration of the fifteen anniversary of Battle Royale we are releasing a brand-new translation, and a non-fiction companion volume. And here is your chance to win both Battle Royale Remastered and The Battle Royale Slam Book!

All you need do is leave a comment on this post, explaining your love of/interest in/history with Koushun Takami’s cult classic. Write a little essay, or a little poem, about it. And if you leave one of the four best responses, you win both books!

You have till Friday at noon, Pacific time. You can enter in English, Spanish, or Japanese. We ship worldwide, so don’t let that stop you. Bring your A-game, and win two books!


Thanks for all the great entries! I like them so much that I actually decided to pick five winners, instead of our usual four! And here they are:

Greg wins, because nothing is spookier than a playful ghostly child.

Coming in next is Kenneth Hite, who tells us a classic little ghost story. And it includes cats, so it is clearly For the Internet.

Then there’s Stephanie F, who certainly deserves something for experiencing real-life night terrors.

Farklebarkle gets a book too, for living in the Witch City of Salem MA, and experiencing some real-life ghosts while there.

And Brandi Weed reminds us of the master of the ghost story, M. R. James, with her comment.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Greylancer Winners!

Wow, it’s a great week for Noble V: Greylancer. Lots of new people trying out contest (which we run for every new title we release). So, without further ado, the winners:

First up, Tammy F, who writes that Vampire Hunter D is a “counselor, psychologist, match-maker, doctor, provider, and of course guardian. He is all these but what he’s mostly remembered for is what Kikuchi-san describes him as – ‘a beautiful angel of death.’” I hope she likes Greylancer as much!

Next we have David S, who was inspired to read despite dyslexia by D and Kikuchi-sensei. Clearly he deserves a free book!

I also enjoyed the response by Mubin, who tells the story of how he wasn’t allowed to watch horror films, but cartoons were okay. I wonder if parents still fall for that trick!

Finally, because I love a smartass, we have Richard, who writes simply It’s everything Vampire Hunter C was, and more!

If you didn’t win, check back soon. We’ll be giving away copies of Catherynne Valente’s collection The Melancholy of Mechagirl!

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