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ASURA GIRL winners!

We had a lot of great responses to our latest giveaway. So, who won a copy of the wild thriller Asura Girl?

First winner is Scott for citing extreme horror legend Ed Lee and his infamous Bighead. This is almost like an intervention! Scott, here’s another book for you to read, so you won’t have to read Bighead again!

Next up is Nathan, who read a children’s book about Satanic Ritual Abuse—that is, a book designed to help kids deal with the abuse, which ended up being a weird case of mass cultural hysteria. Very freaky, Nathan!

A couple of people mentioned Welcome to the NHK, but we liked Ken’s. Glad you’re feeling better, Ken!

And finally, Natalya, who reminds us that often the wildest books we read are the ones we read as tiny children.

Thanks everyone who entered, and try us again next time. Also, on Twitter, the @VizMedia account is running its own Asura Girl sweepstakes using the hashtag #wildreads—no skill needed there, just name the wildest book you’ve ever read and you have a random chance of winning!

It’s the PHANTASM JAPAN giveaway contest!

A new book is in the office, so it’s time to get them out! Phantasm Japan is coming out next month, but you can have it NOW…if you win our traditional giveaway contest.

It’s very simple: tell us a bit about your favorite short story of all time. Phantasm Japan is a book of short fiction from both Japanese and non-Japanese writers, covering everything from traditional folk tales to the heights of the New Weird, so we are wide open to what’s good. It needn’t be a fantasy or science fiction short story, but honestly, it’ll help if it is.

Write a comment on this post—and it can be in Japanese or Spanish or German or Greek (or English!) in the form of a small essay or poem or riddle or whatnot, and on Friday at noon we will select four winners and send them (or YOU!) a copy of the book. We’re a big company, so we ship anywhere.

Simple, eh? So get to typing and around noon (Pacific time) on Friday, we’ll announce the winners! Get to playing!


Sorry for the delay; we were attending the World Horror Convention in Portland, Oregon all weekend, and Friday was a very busy day with panels on anthologies, short fiction, and H.P. Lovecraft. But without further ado, here are our winners of the All You Need Is Kill gn/Edge of Tomorrow giveaway contest!

Our first winner is Michael Healy, for this amazing detail about the original Japanese program on which the various Power Rangers shows are based: “Still it manages some good dramatic moments such as the end of Jetman, where after defeating the invading aliens and giving the government back his doodad the black ranger tries to help woman getting mugged and gets stabbed for his efforts. The last shot of the series was the black ranger dying on a park bench.” DAMN.

Then there’s Robert, for his love of Starship Troopers and its various and increasingly nutty cartoon. Blasphemy indeed!

We liked Leslie’s remark: “I think the mark of a good transmedia adaptation isn’t about transferring everything from one medium to the other.” So Leslie wins too!

Finally, Alex Jones wrote a fairly extensive piece on Hikaru no Go , so he gets a prize as well.

Thanks for playing everyone, and keep checking back here for more news, including an exclusive report from the Edge of Tomorrow movie premiere in New York!

All You Need Is Kill DOUBLE Giveaway Contest!

Did you attend Free Comic Book Day on Saturday? You might have gotten a sample of the All You Need Is Kill graphic novel! Or, have you been to an airport recently—you might have seen the movie tie-in edition of the original novel, now called Edge of Tomorrow.

To celebrate the release of the graphic novel—tomorrow, kids, tomorrow!—we’re doing yet another one of our giveaway contests. Four lucky winners will get both the graphic novel and the movie tie-in paperback. Note, the paperback is the same novel as the original All You Need Is Kill*—it is not a novelization of the film. Don’t be like this confused guy!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.13.36 AM

So here is our essay prompt: tell us about your favorite, or least favorite, transmedia adaptation. Book to movie, movie to comic book, manga to anime, novel to anime, ancient fairy tale to puppet show. Whatever you want! The four most entertaining get the books, and as usual we ship anywhere, like goofy stuff, and can read Japanese, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Greek!

Just leave your response in the form of a comment in this post before noon Pacific time on Friday, and you have the chance to win!

*We did correct a few copy errors, as is typical with reprints.

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