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Two New Books, Starring My Dog!

Advance copies of Slum Online and The Stories of Ibis came in to the office today, and by extension, to my home. The books won’t hit stories until sometime next month (we had a little delay in our schedule, sorry about that) but that just gives you, dear reader, more time to contemplate your reading choices for the next month. Slum Online is a slice-of-life story about a guy who is nearly addicted to a martial arts MMO, The Stories of Ibis is a novel-in-stories about the rise of artificial intelligence and the decline of humanity (…and the completion of humanity’s greatest dream!) But which is better? To find out, I asked my dog Kazzie.

First, she was undecided:

But finally, remembering her love of Holden Caulfield, made a choice!

Slum Online it is!

Of course—and this was a shameful secret—my dog Kazzie can’t actually read English. But she’s made her choice. What might yours be? Intellectual science fiction, or youth-of-today martial arts drama? You tell me! Heck, you can get your hands on both and join the Kazzie Book Club today!

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