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Hugo awards [Archive]

A Hugo for Haikasoru?

It has been a very good weekend for Haikasoru. We’ll have a full report tomorrow, but for now we’d just like to let you all know that Haikasoru editor Nick Mamatas–well, that’s me–has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Editor, Long Form.

We’re over the moon! The future IS Japanese! See you all in Reno when the awards are given out…

The Hugo Awards!

Just popping in here to mention that tonight in Montreal is the Hugo Awards ceremony. While your handsome Haikasoru editor didn’t win, we’re all thrilled that Stephen Segal (and Ann Vandermeer) won for best semi-professional magazine with Weird Tales. Stephen is not only the managing editor of the legendary magazine, he is the designer of the interiors for some of our forthcoming titles, ppsspp games including next month’s Usurper of the Sun. So congrats! A Hugo for the venerable magazine, which helped launched the careers of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard back in the pulp era, is decades in coming.

Oh, btw, I’m tooootally eligible for Best Long Form Editor next year, Hugo voters!

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